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I used to take heroin at every opportunity, for over 10 years, now I just take methadone which supposedly "stabilizes" me though I feel more destabilized than ever before despite having been relatively well behaved since late November/early December 2010... and VERY ANGRY about this when I let it get to me so I try not to.

I was told by a mental health nurse that my heroin addiction was "self medication" for a mood disorder that has recently become severe enough to cause psychotic episodes. As well as methadone I take antipsychotics daily. Despite my problems I consider myself a very sane person. My priority is to attain stability. I go to Narcotics Anonymous because I "want what they have" ~ Serenity.

My old blog used to say "candid confessions of a heroin and crack cocaine addict" how come that one comes up when I google "heroin blog" and not this one. THIS IS MY BLOG. I don't flatter myself that every reader knows everything about me and follows closely every single word every day which is why I repeat myself. Most of that is for your benefit not mine.

This is my own private diary, my journal. It is aimed at impressing no-one. It is kept for my own benefit to show where I have been and hopefully to put off somebody somewhere from ever getting into the awful mess I did and still cannot crawl out of. Despite no drugs. I still drink, I'm currently working on reducing my alcohol intake to zero.

If you have something to say you are welcome to comment. Frankness I can handle. Timewasters should try their own suggestions on themselves before wasting time thinking of ME.

PS After years of waxing and waning "mental" symptoms that made me think I had depression and possibly mild bipolar I now have found out I'm schizoaffective. My mood has been constantly "cycling" since December 2010. Mostly towards mania (an excited non-druggy "high"). For me, schizoaffective means bipolar with (sometimes severe)
mania and flashes of depression (occasionally severe) with bits of schizophrenia chucked on top. You could see it as bipolar manic-depression with sparkly knobs on ... I'm on antipsychotic pills but currently no mood stabilizer. I quite enjoy being a bit manic it gives the feelings of confidence and excitement people say they use cocaine for. But this is natural and it's free, so I don't see my "illness" as a downer. It does, however, make life exceedingly hard to engage with...

PPS The "elevated mood" is long gone. Now I'm depressed. Forget any ideas of "happiness" I have given up heroin and want OFF methadone as quick as humanly possible. I'm fed up of being a drug addict. Sick to death of it. I wanna be CLEAN!!!

Attack of the Furry Entertainers!

Attack of the Furry Entertainers!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Heroin drought UK 2010/2011 life goes on (reluctantly)

THERE IS A TERRIBLE SHORTAGE of heroin of even half decent quality here in London. When London can't get it, the drought is usually nationwide.

The first signs started maybe two months ago. The last two weeks have been worse and worse. Total drought. I knew one person with what I considered crap. Then I found out it was the best around.

Then I got stung four days in a row. "Heroin" that just swirled browny-black dye in the spoon, runs along foil, though I don't smoke it I'm willing to test a tiny bit. But not with the highly distinctive, slightly opiumy smell of brown heroin base.

In previous droughts, by using extreme discrimination and basically by asking around, I usually managed to get the best stuff that was going about. When I looked for it. And there was still good stuff going about, albeit in tiny quantities, amongst all the rubbish.

The normal gear we get looks light browny-beige. A lot of the best stuff used to look indistinguishable from cat-litter (grey) but that was a few years ago. I have seen heroin in every colour from stark white to near midnight black.

A few days ago I was almost happy with the situation. Oh good now's my chance.

I was getting fed up of sticking needles in the back of my knees, between my toes, down the sides of my hands, up the back of my thigh where I can't even see.

But now I wake up wailing to myself. I am living on methadone! How can this be! No heroin. All day! Even if I "get" it, I will just be injecting brown water with the faintest opiate teaser. O how can this go on. Why don't normal people just hang themselves and be over with? How can life possibly have any meaning without the Killer B-sting? Akh!

Now I've got to run. Desperate person at door.

Hartlepool Mail, 5 November 2010 "'dirty drugs' warning as heroin supply dries up"

ANYONE anywhere, tell me what's happening. Give us idea where you are (not too specific please as all comments have to be moderated). How is it, and if it's bad, how bad - and why you believe that is. I'm also interested in hearing from anyone abroad who can vouch how far this has spread. I think the cause has to do with poppy blight and a ruined harvest in Afghanistan pushing up the kilo-price here... and no doubt across the water too...
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Sat 17th November 2010

Time goes by so slowly for those who wait...
I'm hung up on you...

4 February 2011

Here's some Classic Choonz from "my day" (those kids on pirate radio who call it "old skool" really make me feel ancient) anyone like/remember these?

some beautiful scenery in this ...

Lizzy I found the video!
i like the style of psychedelic montage here

DJ Mickey Finn was involved in this track. Video (little man armwaving bits) shows nearest I've ever seen to true acid tripping on film...
(anyone who knows a better example, please name it i'm interested also any ketamine films? other then Tron..?)

far as I know gear is still rank by early last year standards, but far more reliable than a couple of months ago. i really can't be bothered with it, which is why i have to go on what i heard. a certain guy i know with a 30 yr plus habit who's on methadone buys the odd bit now and then and says today's stuff with one exception that came from Essex is SHIT compared to what it used to be, the Essex stuff sounds like a fluke...

to all you out there you have my sympathy, i know the life i lived it long enough i'm still a junkie just a juice-drinking one. and my veins had pretty much gone and i'm not into smoking it. (and for the record going on the needle is my biggest regret, after going on gear...)


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Akelamalu said...

So, are you off it or still on it?

Gledwood said...

It's hard to say, bc I'm not going to lie.

I spent £5 and £10s worth on little bits someone else had bought and was willing to sell on. He knows a lot of people. Some was OK (best around, which ain't saying much) ~ others was the same crap I could have sought elsewhere. But I couldn't be hassled ringing around an alphabet of Bs Cs Ds Hs Js and Ts (why dealers tend to use those initials I don't know).

Some days I feel strong and glad I have a chance to stay free of it, knowing it's not even there.

Recently the situation has got truly apalling.

Other days I have craved and craved it like Chinese food.

Last 3 days, I did go on TRYING to use, but getting almost nothing for the money.

But I wasn't always as disappointed as I might have been. I felt like I had paid in money for sobriety. Maybe that's just a way of being philosophical about being ripped off. But I also think back to the meeting at NA, which is my "home" meeting, and I think of the people there and I want what they have. I just do not understand how they got it :-)

shizzle said...

their r ppl sittin on the gud stuff n pushin the white shite for stupid prices. in the nth east this droughts wnt on 4nly 2mnths and will go on till january! perfect opportunity to get off it but we all kno its stayin off thts the hardest! this drought is turnin vry1 violent whr i am, a friend got stabbed t dth for £5 and mny more have ended up in hsp bcoz of shit theyv put in their veins, its gtn rlly desp, r.i.p glen xxx

Anonymous said...

never this bad 4 so long b4. south west totally dry, gear not even gear.

Anonymous said...

Loads of grey shit that tastes soapy, and leaves no trails on the foil. I smoked 5 bags in a row and it did nothing. It's everywhere! I got something the other night that was half decent (well, by usual standards it was nasty, but at least the effects were noticable - it tasted like sweet ambrosia after the endless benzo filled shite) but now that guy is out. WHEN WILL IT END???? Anyone got any info? What is that someone was saying about people having good stuff but choosing not to sell it? I'm nearly out of methadone :(

Anonymous said...

further to my last comment I am in SW London... And would happily pay massively over the odds for anything decent but EVERYONE seems to have the grey rubbish... Pain is only bearable if one knows how long it will last!!

Baino said...

Perhaps this is your chance Gleds. Just the thought of where you put those needles makes me wince frankly.

Anonymous said...

OK. In West London here but standardly pickup in East.

Confirm exactly what u saying there is nothing about. 100% nothing. All the guys I know are moving very dodgy stuff including these two dodgy batches I keep getting
- Light tan colour, fluffy powder. Melts normally, looks normal at first. Then yellow colour appears in the melted gear. It runs for too long after flame is removed. Then when it solidifies it is way too sticky / waxy and shiney. There is no gear in it at all - I smoked six bags of this in a row to try and get a nod and nothing. It did numb my tongue a bit but god knows that could be anything. I've read that the yellow stuff might be violin wax or some trash like that. Didn't get any negative side effects tho so seems safe enough - just a rip off.
- Other type tastes very sweet, guessing mixed heavily with glucose or something? Again, nothing in it at all but didnt do me any harm so thats a bonus i guess.

None of my guys seem to have any idea what is going on, why its happened, or when stuff is gonna be back and what can i say - i am worried about it.

I have spoken to guys up in Manchester and Bradford who are confirming the same thing, and googling around I'm finding reports from all over with the UK with the same story.

IMO it is affecting other countries in Western Europe - threads keep starting on Drugs Forum about the droughts but they keep getting shut down and users banned cos they always lead to soliciting / dealing.

Personally I didnt believe this would ever be possible. Someone in the UK must still have stuff moving into the country but I guess it is being overwhelmed by the demand.

I buy pretty standardly from guys in the Bangladeshi community in East who seem to run quite a lot of it out there now. But where are the Turks? They used to shift loads a couple of years back.

Miserable situation.

The next harvest in Afghan is dec/jan isnt it so i guess after christmas is the latest we should be well n truly back, but i am surprised at how vulnerable the existing distribution network really is. i mean wtf these guys should be pro at this and why dont they have kilos and kilos of it stashed??

can i ask a favour from anyone reading? if u see signs of the situation changing, can u please please post to say so i know when this is gonna end!!

Anonymous said...

Fed up like everyone my solution has been trips to Rotterdam where poor quality is 10euro a gr and the goofy good 20 a gr! And unto 3 oz up yer bum or swallowing it makes it worth it, even for personal use obviously, so stop moaning and start moving!
Ps Alround trip is about a tonne, bargain!.?

Anonymous said...

In the South West things are terrable, total shit gear that hardly works, just keeps the cluck off if you have got £80 plus to spend a day. i cant believe this is all to do with the poppy fungus. It can't be. The cost at the farm gates has aparently increased from about 100 dolla a key for opium to about 200 dolla but there is something more going on. The harvest is meant to be down to around a third of usual but the price has not trebled because there are reseve stocks from previous years. This is an import thing and no one knows why. Aparently though the price is going to go sky high kids. And that's for the shit stuff. What was the reason things went bad for a couple of months about 18 months ago?This is getting fucking painful. As above, is exactly what I was saying. 100 quid Easy Jet flight to the Dam or somewhere where there is something that works. It has got to make sence. But are things all good there? How easy is it to sort something without getting your dolla taken or ending up coming back with a sore ass for nothing???

Anonymous said...

Just spoke to a few people I used to see in Bristol and they ain't had anything to punt for 4 days at any price. This is practically unheard of. It looks like it's going to be a seriously dismal christmas. But surely where there is a market there is a man willing to make the moves and take the risks to make the money. Surely! or is this whole business now being run by school kids who prepared to get the bus further than Liverpool to make some money? Can anyone please tell me I'm wrong and that my contacts are just out of the loop for some reason, and things ain't quite as bad as they seem? Please!

Anonymous said...

Yep north London is pretty dry too am getting something half decent but paying £20 for 0.3g but at least get a nod out of it but dunno how long that's gonna last plus it's killing me finically I was paying £7.50 for 0.2g for very gd stuff wish this situation would be over quickly it's so depressing and the quality of some of the shit I've seen is ridiculous I managed to spend nearly £800 in one week looking for gd stuff and travelling to Surrey to score cause they had some ok stuff but that's dried up now but things are looking very bleak and think it's gonna be one shit Xmas god I hate droughts grrrr.

Gledwood said...

Shizzie: FOUR MONTHS?!? That's truly scary. I remember a drought spring 2002 that lasted somewhere from Feb to May but the back end of that wasn't "drought" as much as prices not having settled back to normal. E.g. a gram was more expensive. People didn't want to do the same price on multi-bag deals. Etc.
In that drought all my dealers were off. I found someone holding the best gear at proper sizes and prices who had enough to last what felt like ages. Really had to push, not for the intro, but for him to serve me. When he realized I lived 2 streets away and was a long term customer he was cool. But he's long gone. Deported back to Jamaica.
I'm sorry about your friend. I lost 6 people last year. It might be 7. But I don't WANT to remember who's gone. Some of them were the best people. Is it just me or are people getting harder and harder-faced and nastier and nastier? And the dealers do not know what they are doing. E.g. thinking we all smoke it. Adding syringe-blocking ingredients to the mix.
Take it easy and if you can't be good, be lucky!

Baino: I feel totally torn. As I said before I genuinely am tired. I have gear here now. In the spoon. It is probably OK. I have not bothered to touch it. I cannot be bothered any more. I will not be beholden to drug dealers. I am fed up with them. I missed NA bc I was pissing about in some druggie flat where I didn't want to be, doing someone a favour I didn't want to do for gear I still don't want!
I'm not into conning myself I'm cutting it out because I so want to, then going bang back on it soon as the shortage runs out. I understand what everyone says about Xmas. How anyone can tolerate Xmas without hard narcotics I do not understand. I wish I could be put to sleep over that week and wake up in the new year. Preferably without a habit.

Anonsies: Question do I mean nothing at all about or just rubbish. Rubbish. This drought unusual (for me). In severe shortage previously, eg spring 2002, most of my dealers switched off only to come back on when they'd picked up. It wasn't always good. Back then I used minimum 0.7g a day. Could get good stuff still if took great care, checking who else had tried it. Nearly everyone I knew was on needle. Smoking was a big exception. So anything syringe-blocking was automatically labelled crap, unlike now.
This time we had a "drought" as people were calling it, a few weeks back, but there was still gear everywhere. Just less and less of it in the actual powder as time went by. Last two weeks have been abysmal with ripoffs everywhere. Ie brown stuff with VERY little of what I actually paid for there at all.

I agree people are probably sitting on it. In vast quantities. Probably here in the UK. I always believed droughts were imposed from the top, to keep minions in check, show who's boss, keep price level. Because adjusting for inflation it's generally fallen over years. Esp. in late 90s, when I first started getting into it, when it suddenly halved.

Gledwood said...


I'm not sure how large the stockpile in Afghanistan is. It might be smaller than expected, so they say, bc lots of people in Russia and countries surrounding Afghanistan are addicted. Many more per head of population than here.

The useless stuff that looks just about right on foil but has nothing in it. That's what I was talking about. It doesn't smell right at all. And you obviously connoiseur enough to see the other tells it's not real. Some of this stuff recrystalizes back in the works within minutes, blocking the whole thing up. I was NOT HAPPY and gave the tonk who sold it a real earful. He said I was "talking bait" and I said what you wanna make an appointment to meet me in a carpark so I can just tell you that was crap and the one before was full of vitamin C come on! If you don't want me to say "vitamin C" don't shove it in there. I know that's what it was, stuff breaks down without any vit c of my own! Lots of that happening, still with real gear in it (which would need vit c. China White it was not.)

The violin stuff is resin rubbed on the bow to make it play the strings better. Exactly the colour of (light) cooked up/foil melted gear. I know when this is in it, the syringe sticks and won't move smoothly. NOT good when you're hitting into a thread behind your left knee...

Why can't the idiots who sell it at least find an inoffensive cut if they do insist on jumping up and down all over it...

Amsterdam/Rotterdam. Well if it's over there, my point about droughts being artificial and a way of keeping the market in check is right.

No way in a million years would I ever take drugs across borders!

Last person: those prices sound pretty good. Long as the weight was bang on. Most "2 tenses for £15" merchants seem to put 0.15g in each bag. Waste of time if spending entire £10 on the one, which they tend to ask for. I always try and palm off £8. After all, even then I'm paying 50p over the odds, the way I see it!

What am I saying I do know someone who was doing 0.4 for £15. And massive 20s. But he's now switched off. And last stuff he had = dire.

Yeah, £20 for 0.3g would have been a ripoff £20-bag before.

I reckon the price, in real terms, ie per mg diamorphine has skyrocketed at least x10. Even the good stuff can't be a quarter what it used to be in "normal" times.

I do and don't care whether the situation improves. If I get clean I want it to be for real. Not just because a situation was imposed on me and I chose not to run the ripoff gauntlet...

Well that's my 22p worth

Thanks for all yer remarks :-)

Anonymous said...

well here near portsmouth the dought statrted about 3-4weeks back, when dealers ran out of supplys, they all started bring dodgy shit back. from jet black crap (came in pale powder with black bits in it, 3 diff batches of it, and the taste was over powering. then the shitty tcp crap that does nothing but make you ill within 15mins.- can comfirm it is country wide, every source can only score fake gear or gear with nothing in. even good guys are coming up dry, no some people who say they are getting from * , but to my knowledge the area there coming from is just as bad as here, so why isnt it in there area if they have it? < more shit. someone in bristol said was 3 dealers who switched on yesterday with gear that was good. but how reaible i dont no. seems everywhere having problems. and if you can get gear with gear in it, your lucky, as longer drought goes on the gear going around gets more and more bashed. in 15yrs never ever seen anything like it, always can score somewhere. there is plently here but all shit/no gear in it

Anonymous said...

everyone saying the reason's its this and that. read in paper today the taliban are running low of bullets etc. as supply routes are getting cut up by nato's soliders. plus the poppy harvest being cut by a 1/3rd due to whatever, then the 2tonnes burnt by british and russian soliders, then also the russian demand for heroin, then extra security at ports of all sorts, join up the dots and it equals uk heroin drought. when will it end?

Anonymous said...

Still nothing here (EAST LDN). No word. If u hear of better batches moving please post!!

Anonymous said...

Noting in Bradistan all Bash, with notin in it, looks like those gonna be doing some clean time for a while and this is Bradistan heroin capital of britain plenty of bad adultrants with no OPIATES at all if any, pleaase ppl who IV/mainline please fine other alternatives for either Methadone, otherwise its could turky for those that can do it.But like someone said give it a month or a few months and the cycle will repeat itself again no doubt, all this meanz is either clean time, and alot of harm for those who feel the need to inject, keep the post's coming guys ppl are dependant on this glad I came across this blog many thanks.

Anonymous said...

I live in Slough and there is nothing around here and in Reading. The only person who has anything decent will only see a select few. A 'mate' of mine says he even went to Birmingham and nothing there, my brother's friend said there was nothing in Brighton or Liverpool. The drought 2 years ago was bad but at least we could get something no matter how bad it was. this time I can't even get that, had to buy some meth.
It hasn't recovered since the drought of 2008 and i can't see it doing so either. I think that because of what i hear about russia overtaking us, the war in afghanistan and no old school shifters bringing it in, just kids after a quick buck.
I would rather have quit on my terms but it looks like it will be thrust upon me.
Good luck everyone, let's all pray it gets better quickly!

Anonymous said...

nothin in carlisle (cumbria)bin like this for 2weeks,can any 1 comment on how things r up north west.anythin in preston/wigan????

Anonymous said...

As with normal times of total desperation (though this is a really fkin exceptional case right now) I spent the last 4 hours going over every last bit of foil I have and scraping out bags.

Luckily for some reason I tend to keep onto used foils and used bags for ages - because I actually found one really hidden away that was on some really thick foil that I remember using about a year ago. It had a nice thick blot of gear left on it, and screwed up along with it was another bonus - a foil pipe id made which in turn had plenty along the edges.

Not loads, but enough to remind me of what I am missing so much the past 7 days or so.

Not enough to nod. But enough to feel warm on this freezing cold night in london.

Its the cold I feel most when Im not using. Its exceptional. Dashing out of bed and into the shower feels like Im running inside of a meat freezer or something normally. But right now, I am warm sat here, chilled out, smoking a fag is 100x greater than it normally would be - all those little good things.

Don't get me wrong, I am probably one of the lucky ones right now. I quit habitually using [was on about 6 bags a day] about a month ago, started NA and all that stuff. And my use since then has just been confined to lapses, albeit every 4-5 days I still feel like that was a massive achievement. So going without for 7 days (buying and trying to smoke bunk) has probably been good for me.

But the fact that I can't get it has made me want it a thousand fold more. If or when I stop, I will be the one to decide and it must be my decision to put something down - whatever it is, in order for that to have a chance of being permanent.

The drought has had a totally adverse affect on me - from scrabbling through old bags and used foils tonight, to calling round my usual guys every day, to now desperately wanting some, and knowing - absolutely knowing in my head so 100x firmly that as soon as its back on, i am getting straight back into it full time.

I'm a committed junkie as much as the next guy. I know I can't go forever like that, and part of me does want to stop, but I need more time yet.

The drought is really, really, really frustrating. It makes me think that the entire operation is total amateur hour and it makes me wonder what sort of idiots are running it. Even if there is a problem in Afghan, its not the only country producing, and I don't believe its the only source of import. There has to be firms moving from other locations. If there isn't, then someone needs to step into those shoes.

What amazes me is that there is an absolute fortune to be made, a real gold mine right now. You could charge double and still shift keys of the stuff. Does noone have the balls for it?

Anonymous said...

still nothing in the not so sunny portsmouth. just bash and tcp shit, plently of fake shit. keep money in pocket time. its already been 1month here since proper gear, the only good gear was if a dealer just got a bit of weight just before, but that ran out 2 weeks back. there is a batch doing the rounds with the bear min amount of gear in it, but loaded with stimulants, just the right amount to hold ya, and just the right amount of stims to think you got a heroin like high, its genuis like that, and its getting harder and harder to work out what has heroin in it and what dosent,as such small amounts of it. once loaded with meths, near impossible to tell unless hit up. but now not time for injecting. people who normally dont play game, buying bash and wax and coming to towns with it, trying to sell it. and it works, why not just make your own bash if your like that! why pay £100's for it, wrong-uns . if this drought has taught people anything is who is good and who is bad. only good thing is contact list has gone up 10 fold. other then that no good news to report

Anonymous said...

Nothingg in Brighton/Worthing..Just the above mentioned shite!! And aload of bottom barrall junkies running round taking advantage of the situation by ripping over users of..ive had a couple of bags of mash and gravy sold to me at a high price cos its the only good stuff around!!!!! ive spent £200 to get £25 worth cos its been thru bout 5 people! most of the good ones have been totally off but theres still a fair few selling that crap sweet tasting clear running shit but that is it!!

Syd said...

Wow, anonymous has the run down on all of it. What a waste of time and talent. I hope that the supply dries up and you get off the stuff. It is a good opportunity to do it for real and get real clean. That is my hope for you.

Anonymous said...

mate, its hope wasted on most. being foced isnt the answer, dosent work! the user has to want to ,and 100% want to.
besides all heroin drought does is get more people on meth's(which is just as bad if not worse,only diff is its given via precripton,just as if not more addictive,harder to come off, and longer withdrawls, also the benzo market has taken off 10 fold. also alot of peeps i know have started crack to help them though it. so beleive me this drought might help 1% but more of a % have worsened there habit , but wish life was so black and white. its very grey just like todays sky

Anonymous said...

There will always be a demand, the fact is there's other new drugs coming into the market, and the old countried that used to manufacture Herion, have changed to manufacturing Methamphetamines, so there are some big changes, also like someone mentioned there's kids running the show which isn't gud and they are ruining the process, but as long as there's a demand and ppl with Opiate habits all it takes is someone willing to take the risk and start it up again and it will in a matter of time.Even if there is a problem in Afghan, its not the only country producing, and I don't believe its the only source of import. There has to be firms moving from other locations. If there isn't, then someone needs to step into those shoes there's money to be maidso sit on it dude's for those that can, and those that can't well get some Methadone, and sit on it only time will tell, will be interesting to know when I see a post when something desent happens till then hold tight peeps.

Anonymous said...

Finally got something decent today in north London is a little bit streaky but at least it is real gear dunno how much is left of it and can't buy any weight just joeys £20=0.3g not even sure how the guy got it as there is just pure shite around but apprantently it came from Luton but don't wanna get peoples hopes up as think this stuff was bought before the drought got a bad feelings things are gonna be bad for at least another couple of months I'd strongly advise people to seek treatment to get through I started taking suboxone from 2days ago and it's very gd still bit cold but otherwise feel very gd better than methadone I think don't feel as on edge and not craving as much but still having the odd boot here and there but better than smoking 4-5 bags a day. Gd luck people will keep u updated on the situation.

Spanky said...

hi Gloucester here
in gloucester there is stuff going around that tastes of TCP all i have to say it that you will NOT!!! feel anything but it holds you for hours tonight it my last 5ml of methdone and i start my script in 2 week watch ill struggle of 2 week and then just as i start it will get better but yeah i have this orange stuff that just does the trick but still i think i clean the stuffs been that bad down here peace and let me know where theres good kit then ill be up

Anonymous said...

There is nothing anywhere. Hampshire and surrey, Portsmouth, London to Birmingham. Tried all . NASA. But..........got a lick in Birmingham for Gimp, so long train journey in the morn, if not I'm off to Holland. Fuck putting up with this. Bin a junkie for 16 yrs and never know anything like it (apart from when I lived in the Chanel islands and six have to spend 200 for next ticket off island). But let's face its guys the situation has been deteriorating for yrs and I can't see it getting any better ever. Extra pissed as am supposed to be in Varanasi, gear capital of India at mo, but for visa fuckup . Someone needs to sort something out, or I'm moving!!!!

Anonymous said...

what i dont get is that there is 300.000 reg heroin users in britian. and countless more who use. well 300.000 which is bare minium equals to 1 in 200 people yet i didnt see anything on bbc news on the telly. or read anything in sun/mirrior about this drought and the dodgy gear! its like we dont exsit!!!! lower then pedos. its just been largly ignored. makes me feel really special!

Gledwood said...

O man, depressing.
If there really is gear across the water and not here, it's definitely a "conspiracy" of some type, surely dealers at the top trying to readjust the price per kilo. People keep mentioning Xmas as a time they hope it'll right by. If this is so, it will be no coincidence. Even gangsters like to feel charitable in the supposed season of goodwill. They know if they can bring proper gear back the minions lower down will make some more money and ho-ho-ho a wonderful time is had by all. Hmmm.
Ur. Apart from that nothing to add except thanks for the comments. Australia had a heroin drought for 5 or 6 years, thanks to a situation in Burma. Surely that would not happen here, because of Afghanistan??
Last person. Where did you get 300,000 figure from? That is figure I got from my own "educated guess", I don't specifically remember reading it anywhere. I worked out annual use here would be at import strength about 30 tonnes. That is an average 0.5g a day gear at 80% purity (maximum strength of B) or 1g at 40% purity - supposedly the rough average here (some figures said 45 or 50%). Police said 35 tons, so I know I was on the right track.
Interestingly America with x4.5 as many people was supposedly on 20 tonnes. Bullshit!
In past 2 yrs or more I have noticed gear more expensive. Harder to get mega-bags. Ended up knowing quite a few kids trying to sell the least and make the most (attitude seemingly that junkies are mugs who will buy any crap. NOT SO.), and a smaller no. of trustworthier people I actually went to.
I have never known it anything like this bad, either.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like I've been fairly lucky here in Grimsby.The Great Drought only started to bite me about a fortnight ago and I managed to sniff out some gear until it finally all dried up around a week ago.IMO this has nothing to do with problems in Afghanistan,it's an import/pricing problem similar to what happened in '08.Hold on tightly my fellow travellers..I've got a feeling I'll be back having a tasty boot come Christmas !

Anonymous said...

Really bad in west london too. No gear in harlsden,wembley,harrow,southall,neasden and surrounding areas - pretty bad right now. Also just seen that 80keys were seized in felixstowe port not too far from Southend, happened the other day coming from asia (biggest seizure in UK this year). Also this is the result of the 700million pound opium seizure in afgan at the end of august - that is no joke, its the biggest seizure ever known to man worldwide. Also it has been reported that crops are getting fucked in afgan due to adverse weather, disease and insects. Not looking good!!! There are other countries but not many that import to UK. Also Pakistan has been screwed due to severe floods. But cannot last that long. Again i would say something by the weekend Should stabalise by next year. But will never be the same as before the afgan war started. Good luck all.Peace

Anonymous said...

dry as a bone in west london,unbelievable.At least i now know a bit more now,will check this blog again soon,thanks.

Anonymous said...

i guess they've busted the customs guys that were on our side.
if you are in hollland germany etc please let us know what the siituation is

Anonymous said...

suddenly that black tar smack from Mexico seems like it'd be totally acceptablee now - please!

Gledwood said...

I posted something in German, trying to use the right words a German person would use if googling.

Am thinking of trying to translate this post + a bit more to see if anyone says anything.

I know someone in France who is English he said 1. French gear is crap anyway. There's a site giving purity/price Europe wide and would you believe it the UK was quite expensive (nowhere near worst though) but HIGHEST purity at 45ish%. France was 10%. It specified "retail", ie presumably street strength. 2. He got gear from London since drought. Crap of course and worse than French stuff. 3. There's no culture of being so open about drugs in France or Germany bc I asked him why I could find no blogs in German about addiction. So I don't know whether I'll get much response. But surely someone out there will google and find me

Gledwood said...

Noah "Journey to the Nods" uses black tar (my sidebar, blogs list with pictures).

It doesn't look inspiring, does it.

Here is a documentary I found, it's on my random blog


You get the whole hour, in 5 sections. That blog is just my own electronic scrapbook of things I might want to watch, at some time or other, hence off the wall selection of random things

Christiane F the German film with a short (musical) performance by David Bowie (in concert) is there too. I read the book. Middle pages are teenagers, dead in public toilets, empty works beside them. Fucking sad


Anonymous said...

I think most have said what the problem is - seizures in Afghan, high demand in Russia, poppy blight in Afghan, not forgetting all the seizures in UK recently. I've only been into smack for eight months, now started smoking crack. So, well done,Government for supposedley 'sorting' the problem out, you haven't! There will always be other drugs to turn to and worse drugs than heroin.

Lady Anon said...

I am in South East London and have had every dealer I know dry out and drop off the radar one-by-one. I have never known it like this! Ever!

We, (and I mean every single junkie in the area) have one dumb miracle kid left with anything decent. This amateur is a complete idiot cunt and won't see anyone new (as it is he reloads three times a day to keep us all going).

I think he is just too dumb to realise the extent of the problem as he is still doing 3 for 25.

I hate that I am reliant on this guy tho. He makes ppl wait for hours outside til theres 15ppl there at once! In better times I wouldn't go anywhere near him. He'll get busted for sure and then we'll all be screwed! I honestly don't know how he has a connection when ppl who have been dealing for decades can only get shit!

I have only just scored now and I have been trying all day. I really don't want to be forced onto methadone though as I HATE it!

I feel terrible for everyone out there feeling crappy. I know what it's like, I've been all day running around in the rain trying to score. I wasted £25 on shit earlier on trying one of my old dealers who said they had something new. But I know I'm lucky to still have cunt kid who by some utter miracle can still get decent stuff.

Fingers crossed for all of us. This can't go on.

Lady Anon said...

Do you think that the government will now think it is winning the 'war on drugs'?

Good God!

Anonymous said...

in answer to the question about how many addicts in britan. well here is a link of a 30min program made for telly (bbc) i think, it is calledheroin on the nhs, made by the former medical adviser to the goverment. he makes claim of it! also makes claims that only around 4% of people precribe methadone have worked,and since stopped use and meth... 4%!!! when will goverment accept it, not legalise but precribe heroin in injectable and non-injectable forms for addicts. not just the lucky few or the rich few


Anonymous said...

why...oh...why....oh...why....i...wanna....die....i...long.......to...be...sky....high....oh..my...oh...my...why do i steal and lie....i wanna cry.....why do the goverment make it illegal....my high......im tied...i wanna hide...time i have to bide....for my heroin high

Lady Anon said...

I just watched the youtube programme. Thanks for the link, Couldn't agree more. Prescribed heroin...it would end so much pointless suffering.

Programmes like that just make me so angry though as it reminds me how obtuse the main part of society is, mixing up heroin use with immorality. Over here no government would dare announce it was giving every addict heroin, but somehow its okay to import the crazy American 'charity' that pay addicts £200 to be sterilized!

Its too depressing for words.

Anonymous said...

thanks. yer i enjoy program to, thats why posted link. they also give you meths, which is just as hard to get off. i know people so addicted to it, they take 300ml a day. there lucky its cheap and free. thats the main prob with heroin its sheer cost. forces people to steel which then has it own causes of probs. heroin would be a diff ball game if it was regulated and precribed freely

Alice said...

nothign i Newcastle guys its been gettign worse up here from middle of october, we bought loads of shoit for 20 a bag that was laced with subitex! how stupid can these idiots who are cutting it be?
once or twice (yesterday) we got some alright shit, no gouching or anything bu ti felt ok, thank fuck for methadone man, town is just full of people rattling, its awfull, i had to sort out everyone with meth yesterday, i couldnt watch it anymore. The most gutting is the stuff that just solidifys straight away in the pin and you have to loose twenty fucking quid for nothing, i shot a bit without the filter this mornign and i got a little wack but not worth the money. im sick of being a junkie without the junk :( its bad times when the saddest people in the world cant be happy.

Alice said...

i'd fucking kill myself but i dont have any gear lol, and by god im not going any other way :(
did she call my name???i think its gonna rain...when i die!!! lol

Anonymous said...

Gear cut with chamomile that tastes like TCP, and pin blocking 'magic' they cut coke and crack with... What's it all coming too!? Does no-one in this business care for our wellbeing??? Had ONE nice proper bit of gear the other day, .4 for 20, not bad... but that all ran out in one night just in sunny Farnham! Rumours off decent bits up norf, but who knows? Looks like it could be this way til January, AFTER Xmas! Why don't the Russian mafia try and make a quick buck and bung a load our way! Gutted we just lost another 80 key in Felixstowe! Keep trying...

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

Another one here looking for gear and nothing Around,
The onlt thing you can get is the yellow one which keeps running with no efect at all,
Im running on low my juice and have a full time job, cant put up with it anymore, been like this since Aug really.The only good bit i got in the last week was £10 for 1/2 point.....i iwll buy that today to be honest..... not good when i could get Q's for 150£ till the end of last year, where are we going nowadays,
The thing is so bad i been going to Withechapel and waiting there for Bos with another 100 of us all trying to get £10 bags and not more than 2 each as the guy want give you more, this comes up to 200£ a Gr. Mad or what, when are we going to get something again.....................

Anonymous said...

That link in Birmingham I waited for didn't turn out. Plan b is there but i couldn't possibly reveal the price coz I wouldn't want to be responsible for any heart attacks (+ its grams only, all the way!)

Anonymous said...

Come on waiting for somone to be honest and say yeah, I found some.I'm sitting on it,! and am not even going to try bother score because I know its just as well be thrown down the drain,the minute I hear of reports of it turning up again I mite just wake the call but only untill then, peace ppl be safe now it can't an will not last for ever !

Anonymous said...

Hey Again,

Im still at work and honestly don't believe we have been so dry for so long.
You know what? The Meth will do you more than 100£ of the gear around at the moment, which is not gear.....
Can you please let me know how's to situation up North? Do you find B up in Manchester, New Castle???
Please let me know...........And be careful about the Antrax......

Anonymous said...

Absolutely nothing but bash everywere North, South, East, West all the same, in the whole country, this blog is proof of whats happening, so sit tight and hold on.

Jo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jodie said...

hiya everyone, do u think it will come back????? or is herion a thing of the past i live in hampshire and things r bad to. please someone talk to me love Jodie

Anonymous said...

is from hampshire, very near to portsmouth and is very very dry of decent gear., there is some gear here but its very minimal amount, and bashed with stims (least safe-ish) but thats it. other then the tcp cack/benzo bollocks. this gear holds me in morning .3 of it but no real kick and no taste of kippers. sadly my contacts coming up blank. but advise be this beware of dealers who say there back on. with decent. always ask around first as alot of bull-crap just to sell crap.someone you know would have scored there first. so ask ask and ask. everyone will beaware when it decent again....but dig deep as going to be a cold november

Anonymous said...

Still dry over West and East London. Spoke to one guy i been buying from regular for the past 5 years who today described it as 'dead'. He told me that its time to get clean and he doesn't think the situation is gonna be sorted any time soon.

Im sorry, I know thats not what u want to hear.

On the other hand the 80 key they picked up in Felixtowe is actually a really really good sign. Yeah sure shame it didnt get in, and im amazed the goons at customs even bothered to read the paperwork - but it proves that gear IS coming in! Its just a matter of time.

Every importer and their mother must be all over this right now. The prize goes to whoever can get it in fast enough because they can pick their price and get it sold right away.

I don't believe we will be waiting till Xmas. Price might not be normal by then, but I keep up hope.

Lady Anon said...

Hi poor miserable ones. My miracle kid in SE Lond has finally run out...I am facing going to work tomorrow on GREEN!

Disgusting methadone, vile sludgy awful slime!

How are green and subutex still basically the only options?

I hope everyone is okayXxxX

Anonymous said...

When is this going to end!!!! We are in Winchester and there is not a thing around. We have seen loads of people who have a load of shit that does nothing. There is someone who has something which holds you but it aint that great. We are nearly out of money and now cant get hold of any juice which in turn means we are gonna be ill tomorrow!! This is bad!! Someone needs to bring some decent stuff over for god sake!!!

Anonymous said...

After beeing let dwn today by a dealer I had as much 100% faith in as poss for a dealer, I have now officially given up all hope. Have been told by more than one sorce there will be absolutely nothing for at LEAST 6weeks. That seems the only glimmer of hope on a very distant horizon! I dnt think I can face a life of sobriety! Not the Louise sobriety. Alcohol ,crack + anything just dnt do it for me. I'm a brown girl through and through, so u know wot I'm selling up and moving on. Selling all my furniture and moving to Holland. And I'm being serious guys. Used to live in that beautiful country few years ago and have regretted return to UK since day one. Not only r the dutch such lovely preparation, their tolerance and aproach to drug users just makes sense and they're at least 50yrs ahead of us brits in almost everyway. And the dire situation this country has now, in my opinion, would never happen over there. So goeddag and weltrusten everyone. Goodbye to shite, grey old blighty!!! Good luck to those of u who unfortunately have to stay here, genuinly. And jodi I admire ur balls for giving us ur name, number and location, though maybe slightly naiive, I share ur desperation. I'm in HANTS too. Any news so far. Heard there something in woking, but didn't bother chasing it, as I said....... I've oficially given up and am saving my money to hopefully get to Holland before the end of nxt week. Love this blog bless. Has had me glued for past few days, and has maybe even assisted in my final decision to move, so thanx dude. Peace out xxxx

jodie said...

jodies other half mickey says things were good until couple of weeks ago manage 2 scrape a couple of joes here and there contacts in london drying up checked southall last night hoping the packis could pull one out the bag but 10 pound bags with a 5 out of 10 hold u but u get better of the juice better to save ur money and pray for a brown fucking christmas we all know wot we want from santa GOD BLESS

Gledwood said...

This is all too mental for words.
It is one thing to decide to clean up your act, another to have the decision taken from you. And drug dealers who basically haven't a clue what they are selling, STILL raking it in. Crack profits should go down. Crack and crap gear do not go together.
Last person, yes go! Heef een goede tijd. (Is that right?) I would leave the country today if I could.
Tomorrow I am going to try and come up with any sensible solutions I can possibly think of re what could be done. I am talking of ways to cut down-come off.
To those working/skint/unwilling/unable to carry on I would register NOW at a methadone clinic. Get ahead of the queue before THAT gets too mental as well

jodie said...

ive got balls hunni big fat hairy ones at that i no who u mean at woking checking it tomorow hopefully ment to be good but we will. keep u's updated.
me and my other half might have to go on holls to if this keeps up. fingers crossed. brown all over!!!! is gear a time of the past????? do u think it will ever come back???

Unknown said...

I managed to score something half decent today!Not that TCP cack,not laced with glucose,subutex or f*ck knows what.It was still well bashed(with Tylex I think)but for the first time in around a fortnight it actually looked,tasted,& smelled like real gear.I smoked it on foil & was pleased to see it leave a reasonably dark trail behind.I wish I could tell you all that this is good sign for things to come but frankly I think I just got lucky! I was elated at first to have found something a lot of junkies would sell their grannies for,but on reflection,I paid £20 for 0.3g of gear that I would of been hugely disappointed with a couple of months ago.Also,my dealer only had a Q/ounce.Given the current situation,my eyes are pinned as I type but tomorrow it'll be back to feeling cold & miserable.Btw..good blog Mr Gledwood.Respect!

Anonymous said...

I know some big players and nothing has cone in or got through for over a month .. What's about is what was stashed and been cut to f%#* ... nothing happening for next few weeks ... Gear in Amsterdam an Rotterdam ready for Uk but not being attempted to be smuggled as it's too hot!!! Got supply of 8/10 for next 5 days then I'm out!!! Nightmare .... This stems from £700 million opium bust in east eu( largest ever ) in July .... Shit in spain shit in Portugal , Russia got some PUKKA food!!!!

Gledwood said...

Can't they find some alternative route?

Do you know I thought right from the beginning this was all about bribe money. You are making me think that is true

ADAMP: that won't last long!!

JODIE: nothing lasts forever

Gear comes from all over, not just Afghanistan. They even make it in Colombia. Poppies apparently grow higher up the Andes than coca, and get hidden in the cloud, so harder to find. New York and right down the Eastern USA is supposed to be supplied almost 100% by Colombian heroin (as well as obviously their coke)

Baino said...

Oh My Fucking God,listen to yourselves. You write intelligently, you know your product. If only that intellect could be directed towards something more constructive than putting brown sludge between your toes and lamenting it's lack of availability.

I barely know Syd but I love him because he has the balls to tell you as it is and the experience to know how it is.

Get into your NA centres, medical centres, emergency clinics, psych centres, whatever it takes - all of you. You have access to FREE health care in England. FREE programs. Do you even know how awesome that is? You can get help.

Everyone there will be feeling the same , you'll have more support than you've ever had thanks to the drought. Some of you probably want to hit this stuff where it hurts and stop, some of you are probably like Gledwood, teetering on the brink but using all sorts of excuses. Some of you will try something that will kill you others will get right back on the gear when it's more readily available.

This is a window, an opportunity, get with the Methodone program. My brother in law's brother DID after using for 25 years. It hurt, it was unsatisfying, shit he even moved back home to live with his parents but after 18 months he was clean. It's now 4 years and he's still clean. He's working, he has a life. He's in his 40's, and a huge chunk of his life is just missing because of this asshole of a drug.

There's a drought, you're all strung to the max and with good reason but this is your chance to actually do something positive about it. Less of the conspiracies and 'where can I get good gear' stop staring into your spoons and take a long hard look in the mirror.

Use this situation to your advantage and GET HELP. And get it now. For some of you, it could save your life.

I'm sorry to lecture but this filthy drug is just revenue for the unscrupulous and misery for the hopeless. You are PART of the conspiracy. Without customers, they have no trade so starve the bastards.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Nothing in Cambridge, Peterborough or Nottingham right now - just total shite. Testing negative on piss tests despite spending hundreds. ):

jodie said...

Just wanna say we think we got it bad think of those poor people with habits on the streets tonight what a horrible place that must be. hope everyone gets through this period with as less pain and hassle as possible. hope things start getting better soon otherwise everyone will be making trips out to get abroad in the new year. night everyone check the situation tommorrow. managed to get a point 2 4 20 what a joke wasnt too bad. had worse but had a lot better. nite

Baino said...

Stop.Just stop it.Listen to yourselves. Going to Holland for gear, spending 20 pounds on filth.Sticking needles into every hidden crevace, popping skin, taking handsful of God knows what to ease the pain.

Hot tip folks: Get off the shit while the opportunity presents itself.

Let me tell you a story. My brother in law's brother right. Typical user. Started recreational, loved the buzz, woman left him, down in the dumps, cycle continued ..lost EVERYTHING. Even his family wouldn't have anything to do with him after a series of thefts. Wanna knowsomething, after 20 years of addiction, he's clean. Damaged, lost a shit load of his life but he's CLEAN.

It hurt, he had to be taken in by mum and dad at 44 and treated like a teenager. He had to do Methodone and pain killers and attend rehab and narc meetings but he's CLEAN.

Some of you will take innappropriate medication to see you through the pain and it will kill you.

Some of you will use the shit you're buying and not get the high

Some of you will start going to NA where probably for the first time, people WILL be strung out and just like you.

Some will opt for Methodone and stick with the program.

Most of you will die

Some of you will survive and sit out the drought

A few of you . . well you'll use this opporunity to say fuck you to the powers who want you in their pocket spending all your money on their Afghan Brown and sending your lives down the toilet. Break free now.

Gleds, you've been talking about this for three years. I want to see a banner up there "Gledwood Vol3 - Tales of a Recovered Junkie"

Take advantage, it can be done. Not all of you will be successful but put some of these communication, research skills, knowledge to good use instead of the search of this malignant drug and you have something. A band of brothers who can support each other and clean up.

Good luck. And I've never meant that more sincerely because you will need it.

Anonymous said...

Lofexidine (britlofex) tastes like TCP and staves off the worst turkey symptoms. Maybe that is what they are cutting it with, to make you feel mildly 'better' when you shoot it.

Gledwood said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gledwood said...

Baino: that was v well put. Thanks.
Yes I am teetering on the brink. Yes I am expert at excuses (something I only realized relatively recently. I had an excuse for everything = nothing ever got done until crisis point. Ukh. (Surprised I managed to keep a blog at all, frankly.)
Maybe this time, for once, I will actually try. I still feel very torn about all this. Then I realized I HAVE been given an oportunity and I might as well use it. I particularly enjoy being able to say I don't need the crap. I feel desperately sorry basically for everyone out there who's suffering, but they don't want sympathy they want to feel OK, obviously.
It is not selfish to want to feel OK, but that is the crux of addiction. Some people do all sorts of things in the name of chasing what is basically just OKness. Not long ago no matter how good it was, no gear really satisfied me. It was never enough till I was unconscious and what does that mean? Those OTT statements I sometimes make are true. I do wanna fucking sleep and not dream. I do also want to live, I just have no idea how to do that without drugs. Sad but true.


JODIE I remember one bitter cold morning walking past our local car park. I knew at least 5 people sleeping on the stairwell o I don't even know what to say it's just horrible. They were my friends. Most are dead now

Anyway night night everyone. Sleep as tight as you can. Please nobody do anything desperate. I wrote something to post tomorrow (as in later today) I don't really want to post it because it is about withdrawal/emergencies/suicidal/type stuff but I suppose I had better; that done to death saying "if it helps one person" etc

Well I'm gone thanks for all the comments


AnonaddicT said...

I live in oxford and things have got so bad. Tonight i scored and when i burnt it on the foil it literally turned fucking blue. Apparantly some shits been laced with daterape shit too. Its harsh being forced to give up. I aint fucking ready. makes me fuckin angry

Anonymous said...

about the free heatlh care over here comment , yes its kinda good it's free, except its not free is it. massive tax and national insurance payments, huge taxes on everything sorta makes it not free. in the usa heatlh care can be got free, ok not a great service but taxes you pay are very small on everything, and reckon the sheer amount of taxes you dont pay, save it and pay for heatlh insurance, i bet your still £££ better off.. so yes its free here in apperence only... everywhere in europe is cheaper on tax then here, here is high tax on everythinjg!!!!

jodie said...

hiya Gledwood, love everyones comments its like we've got support from the people who know exactly what its like. we all need to come together and help each other, but if someone is not ready it doesnt matter if u get clean when and if the gear comes back u telling me after doing all this shit ur not gonna have a little tester. we've all been forced would love to be clean and my habbit has gone right down but im just getting real.

jodie, hampshire said...

sorry could fit it all in, gledwood thanks for writng back to me,u got e mail address?? ur comment about the dealers having names of the alphabet still makes me lol. gotta get myself ready now to work till 9.30pm really cold and shitty today. These last 2 weeks have been the worst ive ever seen them. Just so worried about all those poor people out there lets get strenght from each other much love everyone xxx

Anonymous said...

How is every1 - just a thought but some of you are probably clean and don't realise... Check it out (urine thT is) u might be surprised ! Then u don't need nothing!!! U r free , peace! Hope call ok ...

Anonymous said...

We all have to be really careful when (if) some real stuff does hit the streets, I predict many ODs as people's habits will be much lower than they realise.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know where there is even a bit of juice for sale in Hants. Desperate for even a bit. Please help.

Anonymous said...

not being funny but that comment about piss tests being clean!! if your having piss tests then your prob on meth or subs course. well the only diff really bewteen meths and gear is meth is precribe and regulated!!! you can O'D still and you cluck from it and really just as bad as heroin just its free. people who dont use think meth is answer but its like treading water, u only get some control back on your life because your not chasing money to stop clucking! but the same would be said if you precribe heroin! grrr meth and heroin same prob just one is free the other £10plus. if meth was £10 you have same problem

Wremonstex said...

Leeds & Bradford areas are exactly the same.
This is not just a nationwide problem, all of Europe is feeling it.
There was a massive bust at Heathrow the other day which is likely part of the reason. Part could be blight for Opium farmers.

This will go on for a long time.
So, I urge you all to get on a script of Buprenorphine or DHC - failing that - the "good old liquid handcuffs" of Methadone.

I've managed to get myself scripts of Codeine, Diazepam and Hydroxyzine which is proving a godsend and I'm determind to get off the gear.
It's just not worth it, and even less worth it with the current state of affairs.

Please, seek some help, even if it's just temporary.
There's reports of stuff being cut with Benzos (Flunitrazepam [Rohypnol] & Alprazolam [Xanax]) and Tramadol, which you really don't want to stick in yer veins. Also, violin wax which is why some of you may have noticed it solidifies in the barrel of yer rig?
Also, there's probably lots of crushed Co-Codamol /Diphenhydramine tablets mixed in with it. It literally could be anything.

Do yourself a favour and see this as a blessing in disguise as I have.

Much love all ♥ Keep safe...

Anonymous said...

the drought is good for heroin addicts, (throws hands up in air in celebration) now that most heroin addicts have taken benzo's for first time or those who just dabbled have realised there quite nice, and will keep taking them after drought, or its good news for those who have tried crack for 1st time in search of some releif and now have crack habits. or great news for those who now have a bigger meth habit, coz they need to even out habit. or great news for those who are whacking up bash/tpc fake gear and ending up ill.. yeah great for everyone , best thingever this drought for a very few who have got off, i hope u stay off. but for the greater % its not a good thing. please stop saying so! people are sleeping on streets clucking. turning to drink to. now there alcholics and smackheads . great this drought I THINK NOT

Anonymous said...

'Kin nightmare. Im from Bath, living in Nottingham, still go back home to score as dont know any1 in Notts so cant tell u wot the situ is ere, but I know jack shit in Bris or Bath. I was lucky, a week ago I bought some serious shite, which my regular dealer took back (he's a very good dealer), then was told to wait, and picked up a Q for usual 260. It was a sweet drive back to Notts! anyway thats gone, just been on phone to dealer who says no one has nothing in whole of Bristol apart from dark brown shit like he swapped for me, which I doubt even contains gear. Depressing times indeed. Thank fuck I am on 80 ml meth a day or I would be climbing the walls right now, desperate to climb out of my own skin. Fuckin amateur importer / dealer / grower cunts! Can you still fly commercially to Afghanistan? Maybe time for an adventure holiday, tho the only thing worse than clucking would be clucking surrounded by armed al quaeda paraded in front of a camera prior to beheading! eek!! Good luck everyone, lets all say a prayer to the opiate Gods...

Anonymous said...

The government shud legalize and sell it get tax support Afghan farmers and their country remove it from organisedd crime almost wipe out crime in UK save millions in court costs need less police and let us get high and not force miseery on us. 99% of population does it on legal alcohol which is much worse on the body not to mention the violence that goes with it. Why should alcohol be legal and heroin not. I had 40 years employed as analyst/rogrammer and luckier than most didn't have to steal to fund my habit. didn't do much else but getting high was better than drinking.

Lady Anon said...

Hi everyone, just did my first day of work on green. It wasn't so bad when I'd dragged my cold carcass out the house. I just don't want to go back on a script properly, I hate the round-robin of clinic/Dr/chemist.

Does anyone else feel sick from the taste and feel of methadone in your stomach when you drink it in the morning?

I would just like to say that you can't force someone to come off heroin.....What a dumb notion that this drought has its uses!

Also totally, make it legal & prescribed and you solve about a million problems!

Good luck everyone, be safe

Lady Anon said...

Oh, and by the way...this thought has been annoying me...are we SURE there is shit everywhere, surely there are people here in England with gear, they're just not shouting about it because...er...they're on gear!

Can this be true?

Anonymous said...

dont beleive everything about europe, ive seen no links added with proof of droughts over europe....prove me wrong. people just come out with shit. not everyone, but alot do.
uk is dry....thats a fact, and even when a shipment does come, the likely hood of you getting it are slim. it will be weak. the uk has to start from scrath. every city.town.villagecardboard box needs filling,. prices strengh wont be back to way it was for least 1 year . methadone prices will double. benzo's to. even crack will be in huge demand

the drug market going to go nuts with prices

thats what i think, but i know nothing like you lot , its an unpresidented situation, so sit back grab hold and wait

Anonymous said...

lets see if you allow this post.

heroin addicts are amoung the lowest people on earth. they lie steal and shit on everyone that loves them. so they can endulge themselves. they claim they just want to feel better. yet will climb , kick and punch there way to grab your money. not caring how it's going to make you feel. as long as they feel better. now you will shout, but i work! or fund it without crime. well maybe at moment. but if you lose your job u'll soon have them theiving hands upto no good. come on be honest selfish selfish heroin addicts. poor addict. sort yourselfs out, its not just about you. there are other people in the world with problems. ones they didnt create,people are straving,dying of things that cost a few pence to cure, yet havent access to it. and then there is you lot. talking like your lifes are over. my word!!

Anonymous said...


im in london and score north and east and ive not been able to get anything for 3 weeks - its soo deepressing! i have a methadone script that keeps me together but i do use ontop and have used since 1983. id like to point out to anonymous thats slaggin all of us off..... yes mosta us is intelligent and summa us like me owns their own house and less than 2 yr old car - has a job that pays £40k plus and a partner. yes i use like u go out for a meal i stay home and havva smoke so dont judge us all as dirty junkies givin blow jobs for a point of smack!
im soo pleased i found this forum - thanx to gledwood.
i reeely hope that the situation gets better soon! peace out doopy

mfck said...

just scored off my usual guy in east london, who usually does top notch gear (and sold me good stuff just last week) and it was absolutely awful. what a waste of money, the stuff smelt like normal heroin whilst cooking up but as soon as i pulled it back into the syringe it crystallised and jammed the whole works up. tried smoking on foil but got absolutely no effect and it tasted really wierd, sounds to me like the alprazolam shit that's doing the rounds. i called my guy and he said he was very lucky to even get hold of that, said he knew it was weak gear though. tried some other contacts but can't seem to source anything from anywhere. i don't want to do heroin just to stave off withdrawal's either, i do it for the euphoria and i already miss that feeling. reading this blog right now is so depressing, all i want is a nice hit like i had a couple of weeks ago...where has the good stuff gone. i just find it hard to believe that there is NOTHING in the UK right now...i'd bloody travel the length and breadth of the country to find a bag of decent H. i feel for every other heroin user out there right now, i don't see why someone would cut heroin with something that solidifies in the syringe, no matter how bad the drought surely just use something a bit safer that people can still inject. even to smoke that stuff is bloody nasty. i live in luton but don't know anyone round here which is why i travel to london...i feel like i'd be gambling if i tried to make a connect and score here. dont know what to do! drink vodka and take buprenorphine, it still doesn't fill the void!

mfck said...

sorry gledwood i meant something different by what i said, just relating to the quality of gear thats available right now. i have been on a subutex script for a good few months and have only recently got back into taking heroin and for me its all about the feeling of that first hit when you score. i take the subs on and off and usually stave off for a couple of days before i buy heroin. i think subconsciously (or consciously) i want to go into withdrawals so that when i shoot up it will be that bit better. i see what your saying though, when i first started H the effects seemed very subtle to me and i only realised the full effects with daily use. Its just that first hit when you haven't had any for a day or two and the euphoria that comes with it...which at the moment doesn't happen because the gear that i'm taking apparently isn't even heroin.

Anonymous said...

Greetings fellow sufferers, like the programmer I've been around the block, like the idiot protesting at the worlds addicts, I've been there too. NOTHING touches the sensation of an opiate, yes it's a very selfish act and 'some' find the urge to fund it with ANY means. Others, like myself, have always found ways of masking the years of addiction. When I first started using, physeptone was like gold dust, you'd get a MAX quick take home detox of maybe 2weeks if you were lucky...maintenance forget it, the lucky would get a small supply of phy tablets or some 2in5ml 'pain phy' every couple of months and build a stock of it. The other way was 'gees linctus' or codeine linctus, available at most chemists, they even changed this to pholcodene as it was 'less addictive but it still worked ...they hold you, nothing more but I've withdrawn from opiates so many times using them I thanked almighty they were there. Now we have phy \ meth madness, it's EVERYWHERE...the worst stuff as its half life will have those on it for years squealing months and months after coming off it..been there, trust me. I lived in, or close to, Rotterdam, for 6yrs, I'm an Horticultarist and Agronamist...plants and soils, my game and Holland is still the place to be for the professional 'plant man.'Anyway, I used occasionally in Rotterdam but I got my first maintanance script there, easy..you can even pay a bit to jump to the front of the queue, still can I'm sure, and the script comes to you..delivered !! No stigma, no fear of being singled out etc etc. It was a retrograde step though as mine was the long long acting meth, 3days long ( LAAM they called it )...why take it, it just makes you feel 'normal' and boy, try taking lots of that shyte, makes you feel like you'll sleep for days, no joke.. those that know 'standard' non crystaline meth has a 24hr half life can atest, but LAAM is crystaline slow release and you could literally but always risk not awaking, if you get the call :( For the first time in 15yrs I'd cleaned my act up COMPLETELY when I came home...lapses now and then, 20days has been the longest call, even that was a tad painful with only dextroproproxythene and dextromethorphan to aid it
Back in the UK now, Bristol is my patch, surprised so many have said it's been so dry ...Easton, Stapleton Rd, no worries on tues evening but that's me now for as long as I can muster it. Opiates, love them or hate them, they usually end up killing you, it's just the date on the calandar at the end of the day. I really hope there isn't the massive damage I can foresee here, times have changed and if you've drug worker go see him..tell him the score, folk get 150plus mls on the continent, I'm sure some do here. Make your case and be HONEST..if you've no intention of giving up, tell the guy..get them to put you on amps, it's a big deal some places but I know they will. A stop gap, maybe but better than pumping some of the shyte mentioned here into your system. Take care all, D

Gledwood said...

MFCK: I think I know what you meant. But you did remind me of that subject "you're always after that first-time buzz man, and you never get it back ever again, but you go on chasing it" ~ I've heard that again and again but only ever on TV.

(Never in NA, interestingly.)

You mean the buzz of using now. Not the buzz the first time you ever used. I get that. Gear feels like food to me. Those little shysters who sell it know what they're talking about when they call it that.

Subutex and gear I always found pretty torturous. I got used to feeling sick a lot, I remember that.

Taking a tiny bit on top of Subs, about 2 hours later, I always found, seemed to fill the gaps Subutex hadn't yet reached. For the first couple of days. I wouldn't go on using after that. I would only take subutex now if I was determined to stay off. And I would much rather detox from that than the evil green!!

that deleted comment was mine. it came out twice. Again. Khhhhhh.

Night everyone

mfck said...

god yes it is essential to feel sick for me before i take heroin, i don't want to take heroin on top of subutex which is why i stave off for a couple of days...i want the full effect of the gear and for this reason i think its a better high for me when i do. its very hard to juggle a subutex script and heroin use...for me its gear at the weekend and a small amount of subs in the week...from what i have read and heard i would probably be better off on methadone as its not a blocker? your right about torturous, i could never take gear straight after a dose of subs like you though, it felt like a waste of gear (and money) when i had minimal effects. i am in a situation where really i do not want to stop taking heroin but am trying to deceive myself or my loved ones that i do want to stop by taking subutex...i know that i am not ready to stop taking heroin but its hard to understand for someone on the outside. i am so hungry!

jodie said...

well said doopsy, im exactly like you got job, house, morgage, partner family etc. What an idiot that annoymous is!!! hope ur ok. im really pleased ive found all of u lot 2, ur getting me through this shit.
Gledwood - i work in retail and have to be nice to customers all day it sucks on the meth. but at least i dont feel ill. also gledwood u havnt said much today. u ok? im off to bed now, work at 6 in morning. grrrrr XXX take care everyone

Gledwood said...

MFCX: I only used miniscule bits on top of subs when I had waited 2 hours and still felt sick slightly. This seemed to work really well. Clinic wouldn't understand, of course. I told them I would need valium to take the jitters away. Subutex is like going from pitch black to blazing daylight. Of course you need dark glasses not to be dazzled. Valium is the shades, man! I wouldn't want to take it longterm, just for a month, if that.
When I was on Subutex I cheated basically and used. Everyone was saying how well I was doing, which made it more impossible. It only came out when I ODd in the bathroom and crashed on the floor. My tolerance went down massively.
The tiny bits of gear I'm on about were £1 worth, skinpopped. The fact I didn't bother with a vein, though I still had good ones then, shows I was serious about it.
Erm... I am so knackered I have to go bed sorry night night.

O yeah that subutex story I mentioned it yesterday up top, under Marianne Faithfull

JODIE I'm fine but exhausted. You mean not saying much in comments? Every single one that comes I read properly. That's why its on moderation, so I don't miss anything

I was going to say good luck at work. That sounds stupid. Well you know what I mean. It can't be easy

Sorry if I've missed someone or something important out. Really didn't mean too absolutely bushed

Anonymous said...

this site is a real tonic! im in the south west and the situation is dismal here unsurprisingly. we are at the end of the road here, literally, the a30! no one comes here passing thru, so used to it sometimes being a bit more of a challenge scoring, but christ, its like some sick n twisted japanese game show atm! Got some reasonable stuff earlier today, £5 more on a half than usual, but only able to pick up one half, i guess i shouldnt complain too bitterly about that. actually goofed today and yesterday on the stuff i got, blessed relief! sent back a pack of that tcp wax gearalike substance 4 weeks ago n have been scratching about for bits here n there ever since, always hearin the same thing, there was ounces in newquay/bodmin/whereever until last night/ten minutes before you rang! dont know about anyone else but my sense of humour, whilst being tried to the extreme, returns with a vengance, its all a sick joke! im pinning my hopes on the fact the "hiatus" is caused by the muslim festival of eid which i think is all but over(?) and soon itll be business as usual, but then i am the eternal optimist. shit if you dont laugh youll fuckin cry! good work putting this site up, lets hope some arse doesnt report n remove it, got very few pleasures left these days!

Anonymous said...

What was with the illiterate anon hater? Needs to learn how to write a sentence before pointing fingers at anyone else....

It's nice to be important, but more important to be nice. <3

Anonymous said...

Done my old filters I scraped round the house for three times now as I ran outa meth test. This is dire. Jodie hairy Bollox frm Hampshire, have u heard anything?

Anonymous said...

Where's the gear?



Sad times. That picture made my heart bleed more than Pet Rescue. ):

Anonymous said...

Just off the A303 here, not far up the road from the A30, not far from Honiton...gear here, expensive, paid £55 on the gramme instead of £40 / £45 but it's here and really not bad at all. There IS some dreadful 'run forever' stuff, jet black, it's plainly a tablet with a tiny bit of gear in there. I only smoke but wouldn't want to go any further with that stuff. There's the sickly smelling stuff also.
Take care people, someone is going to lace some stuff with some poison, inadvertantly or not..got told of YEAST, for colour I guess and bulking, being added by a guy in Weymouth. Go see your drug worker if you have one, be HONEST about what you're up to...don;t die in ignorance ! D

Anonymous said...

the point about the NHS wasnt a dig at it, it was made to point out the NHS isnt really a free service is it! its funded by us brits, via taxes and national insurance, its only free to the foreignier looking in. and its a long pain staking waiting lists, some pay over the top for a service they could get at a fraction of cost, even unemployed prob pay for more then they use via taxes. its mis-managed and spends alot of money on stuff thats a waste of time and wouldnt happen in private sector. and besides within ten yrs wont be same as now...wait and see

Anonymous said...


and readin these posts is why i dont wanna take subutex. i like my gear when I wanna take it and wen I feel i wanna take it and i NEVER wanna feel like im withdrawin - thats how methadone lets me live and work and survive. smack is my treat, my reward for a shit day my "goin clubbin".

i got no veins left and had to stop usin that way. i woud be scared to be fixin the shit thats around rite now tho - id even just put a lil on the foil just to see what it did before stickin that in my veins.

jodie im also happy i found this site as its good to have kindred spirits. biggup gledwood for the forum and mkfk i reckon only crackheds chase that first feelin of high - i remember my first smack i had to lay still cos i coulnt move for fear of vomitin but i felt soo cosy!!!! omg how i wish i had some gear now!

no doubt i will post again....

sorry for the typos its just me

Lady Anon said...

Buuuuuut can I just say about the NHS that the point is when, like me, you need passers by to call you an ambulance (nothin to do with gear btw) it comes, they take you, they are nice to you and they treat you. Enough said.

Taxes are needed to fund these things. I think its value for money, its the best system, and if you earn more, you should pay more taxes for those who can't afford it, thats what our society is based on...

...Anyway, bk to the gear, Jodie I feel for you, am at work too, on a Saturday, on green. It sucks. I was 15 mins late bcos I couldn't make myself get out of bed!

But the thing is that it is do-able (once you actually are out of bed).

And we have to just accept that this is the situation (for now).

And try not to get sick (or od on violin wax!).

Thinking of everyone,

Say to yourselves at least you don't have to go to work today in the fucking icicles!


Lady Anon said...

SHIT...IMPORTANT PLS delete idiot co-codamol comment Gledwood, don't want anyone to read it.

Am losing my fucking mind!!!!

Anonymous said...

Is sweet fa in Lancashire & that includes Liverpool. If there's nothin in that town then know this is serious! Never known it this bad in 20 yrs. Main heads are saying is gonna B Xmas b4 any improvement so could B like this 4 nutha 3 weeks!

zardoz said...

Chester and Liverpool drought for 4 or 5 weeks. Never been so glad to be on a script. In 25 years the longest drought i have experienced untill now is 2 weeks.

Lady Anon said...

Oh yeah, that 'Sun' article was enough to make me spit! especially the photo of the frowning journalist holding the bags! But are these 'burnings' just a PR move?

See these docs:

Esp. the third one, birth of a narco-state

Semaj said...

The drought is annoying. Another reason to legalise and regulate as the unpredictability of supply leads to desperation, violence and potentially dangerous adulteration of the fine golden brown powder.

Check out transform website: www.tdpf.org.uk/

Recreational user (former addict), Southampton. Hating the drought.

Dan, BLACKPOOL!! said...

I'm from Blackpool and so far it's been crap but look and runs identical to gear and really dark in the spoon. I've just spoken to my guy and he said the scousers are coming down tonight with an OZ of 8 out of 10 gear!!!
If it's true and I'm dare I say nodding tonight I promise to post the results back up here..

Anonymous said...

Here comes the sun, yes its back in bton, same weak violin wax cut shit been gettin for last 3 months but at least its about 10%, and since i aint had any gear for about 3 weeks now it feels pretty strong. there seems to be plenty of it, so things are finally happening, price is normal, which is surprising, wish i could help everyone out.

Anonymous said...

if your getting anything stronger then about 10th of normal strengh then your doing well. nr portsmouth you've got mancs and scouscers ripping mugs of with tcp shit, with nothing in it, at £100 1/8th, have told peeps even in manc and lpool people are struggling to score anything decent, so why peeps coming down to YOU with gear is beyond bollocks. but peeps will buy shiut from ur ass if you told them you had gear last night! sorry for visual. but any dealer worth his salt will be honest, coz peeps will buy anyway. i wouldnt buy a fivers worth without a tester at mo, or least i'd put feelers out about what is it like first! its a desperate time, but beleive this if nothing else. IF ANYONE COMES TO YOUR TOWN WITH TALK OF GOOD GEAR ITS 99% BULL, AS THEY WOULDNT HAVE TO LEAVE THERE HOUSE AT MO! AND COULD PICK THERE PRICE, SO KNOW ONE WILL TRAVEL MILES TO SUPPLY YOU. YOU'D HAVE TO GO THERE!!

Gledwood said...

LADY A. It's gone. This is why I didn't want to post "what to do in an emergency". 1, it's all over the place, 2, it mentions this and I didn't want to give out a dangerous idea, and anyone desperate enough to go try it anyway

Paracetamol will do nothing at all to hold you if you are clucking.
If you are in pain taking too much is supposed to work like pouring 2 pints in a 1 pint pot. It won't get any fuller. And this dose is around the one on the side of packet.
You won't necessarily even be unconscious (it's not a downer).
Please don't be tempted anyone to go crazy on paracetamol+something else pills. The something else, even in prescription only ones will be equivalent to a fraction of 1mg of methadone.
I have never heard of a way anyone who isn't a trained chemist with a fully-stocked lab could ever filter paracetamol out. It's sometimes used as a cut in gear, so you're not filtering it out there.
Alcohol doubles paracetamol's toxicity.
Even if you survive, we're talking organ transplant, it's that serious.
Please if anyone feels that desperate, go to a psychiatric hospital. If you don't know the location/number Samaritans have it
08457 90 90 90.
Say you want to take a paracetamol overdose, take the pills with you. (Actions speak louder than words.)
Please, for God's sake, don't do anything stupid.
Keep safe.

Jodie said...

Im so glad to hav finished work, now got sunday monday off!!!
Gotta tell just got some 7 out of 10 stuff in woking and i could actually taste the gear. it made me feel sick coz i hadn't had any in sooo long. but the black dude said we had to buy a couple of light aswell coz everyone is ruuning out the b. what an arsehole!!! but they have got u by the bollocks. he came down and it was all gone in an hour. as i said best stuff around but so tiny. how is everyone today??? thanks everyone 4 replying to me

Anonymous said...

I usually pick up in the Enfield area in Middlesex not far from N.London 0.8g for £30 for this grey powder like gear but has ranged from being white to a light brown over the last few weeks. Would give it a 6/10 , I smoke it on the foil .. Keeps me normal but don`t get high to be honest or very little if i do.
Have been to North, South and W.London still nothing really good about. Just stuff that keeps you out of trouble thats about it. Look forward to the end of the drought if there ever is one.

Anonymous said...

this is a good place to vent and seek info about batches etc. another good place with also alot of good peeps is

this board been talked about on there. and a link put up. so just returning the favour. some good info on there concerning whats knocking around and what to look for. there isnt many places like glenwoods site, but here is another... xmitch00ukx (hope owner dosent mind, as this is moderated, owner you can always delite, won't take offence. just times like this the more support and info the better :) (thanks for this site btw)

Anonymous said...

i can understand greed using price increase. i won't understand greed making tcp/harmful cut. if you have proof of someone doing this post a ontact here and i'll ensure they don't do it again! this is getting past a joke

Anonymous said...

geezer from enfield or middlesex, 6/10 and it just holding you!!! i take it you are rating it under current circumstances, as 6/10 in normal times i'd snap ur hand off for

Gledwood said...

OK, OK, OK uhhhhhhhhhhhhkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Ok that paracetamol thing. 1st I want to say I went on about it because it was on my mind anyway. Lady A I'm not having a go at you by saying what I said. What I said I was going to say ANYWAY, the post is there, it's not finished that's all.

Not a rant at you!!

Why do I always want to use at this time of the evening. Split methadone dose. Why can I feel the lull? I thought it was meant to hold you straight. Meant to and did actually do this being totally different things.

On to other stuff,

Liverpool/Manchester shouldn't be much different from London and it's dire here. I think I know someone getting something half decent by now standards, but they are just someone who knows lots of people who is selling it on in tiny bags, not a dealer so with methadone I cannot be bothered

I haven't tried to phone any dealer I suspect might be on, for... 4? Days. Feels like 44 years.

Jodie, was it you who mentioned it burning when you drink methadone. If that gets bad enough you want to ask for another formulation. Is it chloroform? Some has it in and you can smell/taste it. I like the taste a LOT, that might be the culprit

everyone else take it as easy as you can

got to go my head's all over the place

Anonymous said...

Yo Peeps! We are in Derbyshire and things are wank here (unsuprisingly). Got some decent stuff from sheffield the other day (had a tester first) but when we went back for a quarter 2 hours later they gave us different stuff which was pure ramell. Still got an eight left, don't want to cain it coz its so wank. It crystallises in the pin in seconds.
Can get shots that have a bit of gear in them but that crystallises too. Have to keep the syringe in a bowl of boiling water whilst getting a vein and put plenty of water to fuck all gear.
Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo glad I have a meth script!
We had a tiny bit of the pure stuff from Luton from a guy who is from there but working up here. Could only get a tiny bit once but it was good. Two of us shared a point on the foil (we both pin it normally) and it took the rattle off even though we only got 6 lines each. Our mate who had a couple of points was gauching off it. But i reckon that will all be gone now! It looked like chocolate!
The stuff we are getting seems to do more when you smoke it rather than dig it for some reason. I have fuck all veins and would rather save the few i can find for the future!!
Be careful guys. xx

Anonymous said...

know exactly what you mean about the meth! I hate the stuff, defo makes me feels sick unless i eat loads of carbs, like toast first. Was in hospital for a bit and they were giving me 100ml at 7am then wouldn't let me have any more the couple of occasions i threwe up!
I can't stand the taste and have tried a few different brands/ types from different chemists. I've had a script ages but always used to sell it but. by god, I am using it now! Hate it but would be proper fucked without it! x

Anonymous said...

can you make this an https secure site or should posters use TOR to hide their IP. at least make it a bit tougher for big brother to come after us.

Anonymous said...

gear should be just as strong no matter how you do it. the bag contains the same amount of gear regruadless how you do it. putting it on foil or spoon dosent change the amount you brought in bag. altough what its bashed with may take some of rush sensestion, i dont no. this chocalate gear do you mean its looks like hot chco powder? as had some last week didnt run well but knocked head off. but was old batch -put away at time coz of better stuff. i put it with some shit i had and it ran well. but only got 3x.3's of it. but nothing decent since

Tom said...

Hi.. Every1.

Still terrible in birmingham, no1 has anything 2 weeks ago was th last time i had anything half decent and tht frazzed up really quick.. th sweet almost purple grey stuff is here. been at least 4 wks now.. i too am on a meth script..


Anonymous said...

if big brother wants you, big brother will get you. besides i agree these sites are prob monitored by the whatever diverson of whatever agency. wud be disapointed if it wasnt, or that tax dollor and they wouldnt moniter online. and arnt many sites that allow such freedom of speech (most cry at such posts-glenwood doing nothing wrong, and people just are supporting others etc. as long as you use ur nod , you sud be ok. after all what you really doing? just talking. as long as your not planning things or dealing on here, its just talk.
so big shout to glenwood and finger to ermmm (what i say dosent ness mean you are being watched, just saying if i was old bill etc i would be watching, but with budgets and overtime etc who knows)

AnonaddicT said...

So i am from oxford and things have gone from bad to fucking shit here. Gears been weak for weeks but now its just shitty stuff that either sizzles straight away on the foil and fucks u up in a bad way or its weak. So weak it isnt gear at all. You may as well throw your money away. When i burnt some gear on the foil the other night and it turned blue i just realised i have to knock this shit on the head and get my head around the fact that theres no gear. I was scoring from some asian guy 3 wks back and it was some nice stuff. Had me nodding for hours but he ran out and couldnt get any and all the other dealers have crap. I feel heroin is gonna be away for a while guys so may as well get a script and sit this shitty drought out. I know it fucking makes us all angry being forced to get clean but these fucking cuntish dealers would sell us actual shit to make money. Please update us anyone who sees an improvement. Love this blog by the way Glenwood. Genius idea mate xx

Anonymous said...

physically feeling fine now the meth kicked in. but its o good just cant get it off my mind what a sorry sod. what timing a knock at the door and a delivery of a .5 fr £20.[what a very very nice man what a very very nice surprise]. did the lot in 2 roll-ups feeling a slight gauche coming on. brighton area whitish gear. actually might go out and pick up soe food have been off food for last couple weeks. hope its speeding its way to uu all. jeez i'll have a goood sleep 2nite, first in ages - whew!

lucky said...

Jodie- ask your doc to script 5mg pills (phyceptone)thats how i got them told him the gloop was making me puke

Guy in Enfield - thas my manor and i cant get shit - want to make friends?

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about spoon or foil/ same amount of gear! It must be a mental thing. It was more like grated dark choc! Or cannabis resin, proper weird. It ran well. It was prob 8/9 out of 10, judging it by normal standards but haven't had it since. It was a tenner for a point but u don't mind when its good do you? I only mentioned it coz someone had there was pure stuff in luton in an earlier post.

davID said...

Ok - not seen this posted here but found an article that I think explains things more.

And also found a fair bit about French users having same issue - I thought it was a bit strange just being UK - made no sense... markets - illicit and otherwise, tend to shift and balance geographic areas.


So the person above who said Jan/Feb/March 2011 could be on the nail.

What I found hilarious was going to score 2 rox for a mate last nite of my usual rasta guy [who normally does both]. He's usually a bit slack at turning up - takes 2 or 3 calls... but after 2 weeks of zero custom [most ppl i'm guessing won't touch the W without the Bee - I won't - it can stay sitting right in front of me untouched] he came out within 2 mins - and was all polite for once. Started talking about how he's not the sort to "take advantage of ppls hard earned money" at a time like this and sell shite.

...yeah - a moral supplier. :D


Lady Anon said...

Hey, thanks for not posting the stupidity!

Don't worry, I didn't for a second think you were getting at me with the comments.

Am having a shitty evening, watching X Factor and trying to smoke WEED...

Can you believe it?

Am so fucking COLD!!!!

Pip pip, chin up, it'll soon be summer and the world will be tinged a golden hue!

Oh and p.s if james Bond is reading...I am a pathological liar!


Gledwood said...

~David W no B. For me, no way. I know someone who piped while really sick and said it was the worst ever. + they blew the £20 scoring money.

I used to snowball/pipe it. Snowballs are really addictive and hard to stop doing. I would not advise anyone bother trying one seriously. Crack has done nothing for me except make me more unhappy. Bar v occasional exceptions, I don't smoke it now.

~Anon, Re removing IP addresses, I have no idea how to do this. This site is hosted by Google, I don't know about IP swizzling except there's some way people in certain Asian countries get round bans on websites by linking to a server in another country. No idea how to do that either.

All this blog was ever meant to be was my own account of my own addiction. There are/have been other junkie blogs but many take a certain unapologetic tone. I'm not trying to apologize for myself, but I am trying to explain, because I think it needs to be done.

A lot of people who come here regularly who I have known for a long time are totally normal people who have never been into drugs who have families and cats and gardens. They have been v patient and good to/for me, my only everyday link with "normality"

The other thing I wanted was to put up a place where information can be found about harm reduction, detoxing and ways of getting/staying clean. That never properly happened, as you can see the sidebar is a total mess. Generally the lower down = the older. Not everything there is for anyone else. I have had to use internet cafes so had no way of keeping a complicated link safe so I just put them there. Hence dogs/shorthand and other things probably of no interest to anyone else.

I can't see what's wrong discussing a situation that's nationwide. I know the forums don't like prices, but newspapers like the Sun give prices!

I'm not into getting anyone to use anything.

I wish I could clean up my act. Yeah I've done longer on far less than ever before (on top of methadone) but I'm not going to kid myself it means anything. I haven't bothered even trying to score for several days ~ that is a first.

~ Thanks for the France link, I'm gonna go there in a sec. It doesn't sound right there would be a shortage JUST here.
And what about Ireland? They had the same drought a couple of years ago, but what about now?

& cheers for all the comments everyone

Lady Anon said...

The Irish drought started just before england.....


I don't know what the situ is now tho..probably still dismal


(God, TV rots my mind)

Jodie said...

Hiya everyone, The worst thing is the pains i get off the meth when im hungry its horrible. But im pleased with myself this week now im at the end of it coz b4 the drought i couldn't think of anything worse than going to work without doing any gear and this week ive only been doing 10ml a day now and going out at 6.30am in the freezing cold and doing a 9hr shift. actually pleased with myself!!! but i can tell u it was hard. thought of pulling a sickie but wanna save that incase. thanks 2 everyone who replys to me. gledwood im gonna try and send u an e mail so we can all stay in contact if this site does go down. u all feel like ur the ones helping me through all of this so much love everyone xxxx

Lay Anon said...

"Jodie- ask your doc to script 5mg pills (phyceptone)thats how i got them told him the gloop was making me puke"

....thanks Lucky

I think this cld be a lot better for me...but it has never been offered as an option as my Dr links up with local clinics which only offer juice/subutex....

I've only ever had the pills in Europe, are they widely available here?

Basically will Dr Bitch prescribe me 5mg pills instead if I ask????

has any1 else got them on a script?


Anonymous said...

live just north of birmingham, been putting out feelers all week, looks like some new stuff may of landed. but have to wait till tomorrow to try it. 3 different guys with new gear so somethings stirring...

i'll post reviews up tomorrow

~ jacks smirking revenge

Leyland said...

Blackpool Dan. Did the scabousers appear wiv the dyno as promised? U said U'd let us know. Somehow I'm sure it was all bubbles. I'm Leyland boy & just got nuvva bag o bash from Preston. Is just nuff in it 2 take edge off & stop me stinking like meat & tata pie but that's bout it. Prob that 10% shite. Wivout me green @ mo I'd B screwed.

Anonymous said...

I'd be VERY surprised if you were prescribed 5mg phy tablets Lady, the fact of the matter is is that the tablets don't conform to licensing restrictions, these are really quite strict, you're either taking meth for pain or for addiction, the licence is there for a reason, trust me on this. HOWEVER, there are limited Dr's, and chemists, that are not wholly aware of such restrictions. Therefore someone could prescribe basically until the Home Office notifies them of their error. Tablets are wholly more 'troublesome' than DTF mixture, folk inject etc etc, anyone remember Diconal, now there was a problem tablet and rarely prescribed now. D.

Anonymous said...

Should've added that although DTF mixture doesn't require a licence to prescribe, nor do the pills..we're talking 'licensed use' here, not the prescribing of..a GP can always make a case to prescribe pills, holidays at time of no liquids on flights etc, accompanied by your own licence of export naturally. Drug Services can make a case, rarely do they however...

lucky said...

5mg phyceptone pills are available in most towns - the pharmacist only has to order them - much easier to take pills than glugs of gloop

Dan BLACKPOOL said...

Blackpool Dan here,
Just got sold more sh*t I'm afriad my fuc*ing wan*er guy said deffo a lot better not great but still much better. I go to meet him and he actually picks me up and takes me to score with him, we get there and its shit but he says getting good in 20mins. we wait!! Anyway he scores and does me 6 bags and GUESS WHAT GUYS!!! Yup SH1T
Same light stuff has some rocks in it and runs great but has NO GEAR although it seems to hold the rattle off.

lucky said...

hahaha how can you equate dike's to methadone pills you plonker.I have been shooting dope for 30y as well as dike's and palfium etc etc no one shoots 5mg 'done pills why would you when you can amps on a script..numpty

Lady Anon said...

Hey thanks for the reply,

...no I've never been prescribed them myself or even heard of any1 on them in the UK, but a friend living in Brussels had them (or some kind of methadone in pil form) on a script a few yrs ago & I was just wondering about them..

...so probably no go then...

Ah well,

so much for options!

Jodie said...

Jay b : your so lucky 9 out of 10 did u get a nod on would love to get some of that. dont live too far from there do u really think its coming back??? where bouts u from. whats the chances of sending some our way???lol

Gledwood where are u????

Thanks 4 advice lady anoy but never heard of those pills b4 thought it was only meth or subs

Anonymous said...

To the chap with the 'numpty' moniker, I won;t insult you, merely make further enquiries into that obviously vast grey matter... 30yrs ago you'd know damn well what limited resources were available, folk DID inject 5mg tablets, folk DID inject DTF, no amps then bud, not to the then registered addict, 1988 was the FIRST amp script I'm aware of, I had a close friend getting a private script of them..unless of course you were one of the few that made their own rules and risked a spell inside with the odd chemist haul. I bet you'd still insist you can readily get hold of dikes or peach palfium on the street...I haven't seen them as regular as hens have teeth, not even in Holland....sorry, ONCE loads of them there and they were fake, 'welcome F3A' ..there are two 'll's' in wellcome drug company. I guess you'll no doubt dumbfound me once again. D. N.B. Best read entire posts before you jump on them.

Gledwood said...

Can I say b4 I 4get, if anyone comments while I’m commenting, it crosses over, (I’m after you, even though you pressed return before me, but I didn’t see it then) ~so it looks like I’m ignoring you but I’m not.
The dark chocolate/hash looking stuff, someone told me it comes from Vietnam. Used to get that 2 or 3 years ago, it was always good then.
LADY ANON weed seriously disagrees with me. Schizophrenia + alzheimers. Paranoid, and can’t remember anything (except the paranoia). It didn’t always do that but it does now. There’s a girl on the x-factor I always think is a professional singer doing a celeb spot. She’s that good. (I don’t concentrate on it. Too annoying: Wagner/etc.) REBECCA. V pale black, probably mixed race. Think that’s her name.
You’re doing really well if you can work on juice. I don’t think I could. I read that Ireland article a few days ago and for some reason assumed they meant 2 years ago. Wish I’d been more alert.
BTW people who mentioned dealers saying it will go on till next year. I wouldn’t assume they have any special knowledge. Probably just guessing like the rest of us. Something tells me people in a pyramid like that keep cards close to their chest about what the true situation is. Especially at the top. And nobody would talk about shipments until they’re actually in.
JODIE working on 10mg is pretty amazing ,you have my full respect. Email I will check tomorrow.
JACKS REVENGE if only that were true. Well it might be. Surely we all tired of being wound up and lied to! My old main one has been switched off for weeks now. But he’s running it while the main man’s on “holiday”. If only he were out he would at least get the best that’s around, always been reliable like that.
BLACKPOOL DAN are you sure you’re not actually clean then? If you can go on that little without topping up on methadone then you’ve probably gone down almost to nothing.
To those people who tested negative if you’re reading, where did you test? Do some services give out the card-style ones? Someone gave me a few but he pilfered a box, so I know for a fact I was on benzo’d gear in the summer. It looked black in a works like the TCP stuff, but wasn’t that. Wasn’t AS black, unless you took a lot, used to knock me out for hours, especially if I didn’t move. When I did have something to do I think I was pretty OK. Who knows what anyone thought on the bus etc!! If I can find one I’m going to test tomorrow, I should be gear negative, (methadone positive). Benzo negative too. I’m avoiding them.
SHORTY Bluelight now has pages and pages I think the title goes something like “drought bad h in the uk” does anyone actually call it h any more?
I’m in London but I don’t want to give the borough

Gledwood said...

RE DYKES/PHY PILLS where has that comment gone? I wanted to double check who sent it. Well whoever they were I think they mentioned diconal and methadone pills together because they are “things people shouldn’t inject, but they still did”. I heard the pills look like a shot of milk ~ not inspiring. I also heard diconals “turned your veins to glass” ~ silicone/silica in them. It was to do with a mixture of dipipanonononononone and cyclemagazine (it is 1.30am if I google it I’ll never sleep) an opioid and an anti-nausea agent. Together they are supposed to have given an unparalleled IV rush. Dikes haven’t been around since the late 80s, as far as I know. I have never been into IVing pills. Began the process of it, but so put off by resulting gunge, really didn’t want to bother.
By the way for the record can I say 1. I don’t advise anyone take any illicit drug, of whatever type 2. My biggest regret, apart from ever trying heroin, was going on the needle. Not a good idea. Not recommended. 3. IVing pills is particularly dangerous, skinpopping them is meant to be an A1 way of getting an abscess. I have just had 2 heal , one on each leg. I really felt ill and couldn’t eat… if you don’t inject you won’t have these problems!
OK sorry to sound patronizing, if that’s how it sounds. I have never intended to influence anyone to damage themselves and don’t want to be accused of it now, that’s really not what I’m about.
Night everyone. I know I have missed at least 2 people out sorry will have to look closer in the morning. Absolutely exhausted.

Shorty said...

@Gledwood Thanks for info and as for "does anyone call it H anymore" yes&no,to be honest i bump into alot "old skool" users now&then and yep thats normally first thing that comes out the mouth,well after "ANY" and before "ABOUT".
So JayB thats where I went this evening (being saturday night) and scored but it was as described above.Thats why I came home and googled away.It wasn't anything to write home about,so to speak.Anyway keep up good writing Gledwood,and as for your borough thats a minor,just thanks for reply x

Dan BLACKPOOL! said...

@Gledwood lol I wish I was clean.. Iam on meth I'm on 50ml a day but try and not take it when I'm using, I last had my dose yesterday morning hoping that if I got OK stuff tonight (which I didn't) I would feel it more.
Up to a week ago I was getting good gear but cut with this bash that's going round now as it looked EXACTLY the same in the spoon, goes really dark like coffee and runs just like gear.
Anyway it started getting weaker and weaker until now there just selling the bash on it's own. It's like they buy a good few K's of proper gear and say 1-2 K's of bash and now the gears run out they carry on selling the bash.
As for the guy saying no-one would travel to you to sell gear it was obvious its crap (or summat like that) the scousers come down to Blackpool from Liverpool EVERYDAY and have done for as long as I've been doing it (20years).
Now when I say there is nothing up here ie: Blackpool/Lytham St.Annes/Preston/Fleetwood/Manchester/Liverpool I mean there is NOTHING (real gear that is) not even bags for ANY price!!! as I know loads of people from all the places I mentioned.
So I'm just gonna pray my poppy's grow quick (just bought Papaver somniferum Hen's and chickens) the drought stops or my lovely girlfriend will let me buy some Valium (she hates me doing them as they sometimes turn me into a monster lol) and just do vallies and meth.
Good luck to all and maybe if everyone tells others on more forums and stuff to PRAY at exactly 10am tommorow morning we can really get gods ear (well if he exists he does make the stuff so who better to ask lol) we can all pray for the nightmare to end.
Stay safe folks, Night!!

Dan BLACKPOOL! said...

As for Diconal they must be still about as I got given 5 pink 10mg about 14months ago by a speed addict for doing some drops for him. Why people rave about them is a mystery to me as I thought they were weak as fuck!!
I did them all at once and it felt like 30ml of meth although different buzz.
I think a lot of the hype of this stuff comes from them not being as available as meth and by people who have never tried them. Just my 2 pence worth lol ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi all I'm from Telford and I can tell u it is absolutely dire. Had nothing for 2 week before that it was 0.1s for £10 but atleast it was something. I can't believe what has happened how are the big guys makin their  money? Why hasn't any one stepped up and realised there is a load of money to make. My dealer did tell me that things were getting tough but I thought it was the regular sh!t to justify the recent price increase and loss of quality. 
I also was wondering if any one had an opinion on what is in the bash and how there processing it, are they just using the chemicals but missing out the opium bit. Also has any one else noticed that recently when smoked, gear don't seem to gather on the teeth. This is uncharted territory I have been a user since 1996 and the longest i'v done without has been about a week, and there was always hope or you had to look hard to find it. This goes without saying but if the situation don't change then with all the money i'v saved I will be buying a airline ticket to India last time I went I was getting 80 to 90% pure for about 500 rps a gram witch worked out at about £7. My dad went last year  and he says it's a little harder to find the right people but wen u do it's worth while. He said it was so good he smoked 3 lines and nodded of in the toilet of a train for 3 hours only to find the stuff had bounced of the shelf and down the toilet :(
Just wondering but could this be a government thing?
Any way hope thing back on track soon I will be honest and say I enjoy taking gear, I don't drink don't smoke cannabis, other drugs just don't have the same appeal to me, I work hard and my only plesure in life was to have a toot and now they have decided to take that off me :(
Anyway good luck to all and let's hope the opium for the Masses returns soon 

Anonymous said...

Dike were about in the late 70's, people raved about them but if you did too many the cyclazine anti vomit content just took something away IMO, of course. Used to use only these and 20mg diazepam on top of phy, 3 a day max prescribed on top of a 60mg phy....gave it a bit of a 'kick.' Had to go to expensive Stapleford clinic in central London ( good 400mile round trip ) for them in '91 or '92 through '94, 3mthly visits and they'd give you one, with a signed note, and post the other scripts to the chemist. The 'boss man' there was struck off I believe, wracking my brains trying to remember his name ?? D

Gledwood said...

Stapleford Centre boss?
Dr Colin Brewer

Dan BLACKPOOL! said...

You know actually this is nothing new, yeah it's the street heroin were being screwed on now but for ages it's been the "legal" methadone were being screwed on too cos it's just too expensive!!
I always used to get Physeptone at my same chemist for over 10years and now it's been taken over by some asians (no racist dig there) although my old chemist still "runs" the pharmacy they never dispence Physeptone only that cheap CRAP martindales DTF!! To tell the difference just shake the bottle If the bubbles dissapear straight away it's Physeptone if it goes throffy it's DTF. Now to me there's a big difference, Physeptone dopes me up more and DTF doesn't hold me the same ie: kicking legs, agitated, watery eyes on exactly the same amount. No joke first time they gave me DTF I woke up about 4am rough as hell thinking I'd forgot to take my meth then thought what the hells happening to me, I went to chemist the next day and they said 14 other users had complained and just the day before they had switched to DTF. They told me to ask my key worker to get my script changed to "Physeptone only" but they keep fobbing me off with the script was already printed remind me next time GRRRR..
Maybe it's not the chemist but there being pressred from above now the clinics gone into the "public sector" aka Journey to recovery, only good thing about this is there not that arsed about missing appointments, piss tests infact they don't seem to be bothered to want me to get clean! Suppose it means more money for them??
Anyway sorry to go off topic it's just I feel were getting fucked everyway way we turn, things to be played with and made money off in other words not human beings. :(
Right I've had my straight head rants it's 4.12am suppose I better try and sleep n see what shit tomorrow brings..Peace!

Gledwood said...

14 other people complained? You know what must have happened? Bet they served you neat "green syrup" with no methadone in it at all!
But that couldn't really go on ~ pharmacists never make mistakes

Anonymous said...

no heroin still in portsmouth, just more bash. even the bash getting bashed. turn off your phones till you pick up real heroin. you greedy mother f****rs

Anonymous said...


ive fixed phy pills and gotta wunderful hit from em - if u can be arsed to crush em fine and filter (which i woud but i have no veins!!) u need good veins to do pills. i know peeps still gettin phy pills and always get em from my clinic wen i go abroad on hols.

shortie - if ur gettin decent gear in SE15 mon - fri why aintcha buyin more on fridays? i would travel to SE15 if i knew who to see - hell id travel a lot further. i drive an got cash if u wanna help a girlie out???

it seems by a couple of posts that sum gear is gettin thru - hope i gets summink soon!!! ive never known it this bad in all my time of using (27 years) ive not known it soo bad.

felt for the blackpool guy - we all bin there an got the teeshirt! it will get better one day blackpool xx

good luck fellow users - lets hope this drought breaks soon! and biggup again gledwoood for the forum - i also took ur email just incase this blog disapeers but its bin fun to read and sorta cumfortin that it aint just me!

doopsy x

lucky said...

Dan - you said you took x5 diconal and it felt like 30mgs of 'done so i take it you swallowed them- you can od on those critters V easily 2-3 can do it. Best rush ever - speedballs come close but dikes are the bomb, filter carefully of course. Not seen thenm for years.
re other reply...30years ago lots of things were different ..im talking about now

Anonymous said...

there seems to be gear in bath/bristol, midlands and lpool as reported on

seems at least summit happening. maybe nothing will come from it to your area, but least someone seems to be pulling finger out. and there is heroin avaible to buy in huge weight xmitch00ukx

*anyone from hampshire heard of anything here?? other then 2% shit or bash?*

Mar Mar said...

MAR FROM london,
No gear in India either, have uncle leaving there and told me people are going mad. He is lucky he has a K of thai for the all year but friends of his are flipping out,
Will try to get the good one again today, finger crossed. Mar Mar

Jodie said...

Hiya how is everyone today? has anyone got any news on mor good gear in london???
gledwood sent u an e mail x did u get it may have got ur address wrong x

Anonymous said...

shite! no money till 2moro. just heard scousers back in brighton area with a nice one! will have to suffer a bit longer. will try it and report 2moro.

Anonymous said...

ill comment i dont use but i do things
theres good shit out there i know iv had the pleasure to have it tested belive me when i say its TT i know my shit from over 20 years on the line
iv been off 7 days the last price quoted was 33k and that was a special favour to me but only 1 box per person i didnt take up the offer iv never stamped on it and never would but at that price id have to
i was on from 10am yesterday for 3 hours and moved 300 10's .1 had to be done cost me 1k for 26g anyway up here in s yorkshire like you say its TCP benzo shit i wont lower myself to put that on my line so im takein it easy without watching my back
i do know i have a delivery tmoro and belive me i know what its costing but it will make a few ppl happy

Anonymous said...

if it wasn't for the slight nod i'd be wondering if this whiteish gear wasn''t just methodone powder you know the powder they put into the green syruup. anyone else seeiing this whitish stufff?

Lady Anon said...

The worst is when you get to the chemist and yr script is 'wrong' & they just hand it right back to you with a patronizing smile.

Especially for me cos I always used to have to go about 5mins b4 closing.

I always check it now before I leave the Dr's/clinic....If ur just starting on a script..don't trust the Dr to get it right every time...CHECK IT!

Anyway, am sorry to see others were awake at 5am, couldn't sleep for love nor money last night, despite zopiclone...

Lady Anon said...

Jodie - well done for going to work on 10ml at 6.30am!!!you should feel really bloody good about that...it is really hard!!

Gledwood - I know weed is shit...that's my point! It affects me now like I've been run over by a crazy hippy van!

How is everyone today?

zardoz said...

Got told today (by a reliable mate) that a Scouser has been coming down every day last week at 10am with a pocket full of £10 bags and setting up shop all day till 6pm. He rang him today while i was there and went off to see him. So there must be plenty somewhere.

zardoz said...

To guy in Blackpool. My old pharmacist used to make his own methadone. One batch he forgot to put the meth concentrate in and next day loads of people there complaining. As for Martindale, not sure about the meth mixture, but i do know the Physeptone ampules they make are superior to the cheaper 'Synastone' make (seems to be general opinion)

jodie said...

what a load of bollocks!!! my other half went on a mission left at 11 and drove up to whitechaple when we could of hung on and got a good bit in woking well when i say good i had it yesteday and it was 7/8 out of 10 and i could taste the gear but instead they go up town and get guess what SHIT grrrr

Anonymous said...

ok left post earlier about folkstone and afgan link. from harlsden/wembley/neadsen/harrow/southall.

managed to get some good shit 8/10, only 0.8. he only had 2oz which finished in 24hr. came from kent i think. more there in two three days. not sure what it means for nationwide. looks like its coming in small bits and junkies are on it quicker than fly's on shit...

on script for few years now. only use if gears good. can even hold it down for more than a month. but since the drought is on i want it even more. i guess it just a case of what u cant have u want more...

this reminds of the movie 'Requiem for a Dream' towards the end all the gear dries up... and people resort to takin some bashed gear. For pinners its a film you may consider watchin to warn you from the dangers of shooting shit gear. Really depressin movie though - but an eye opener.

Will keep in touch.


Anonymous said...

Hey everyone
having studied the bluelight forum it does sound finally like there is some real H back on the scene, at least in Bath and Bris, where I am, and spreading quicker than a forest fire, to how long it will last? anyones guess. Though it appears prices arent massively sky high, which is good news. Just tried my guy who scores in Bris and he aint answering, which prob means hes out scoring, or so I hope. Great forum, so glad I found it, will keep checking back and hoping situation resumes to normality sooner than we all thought or even dared to hope. Peace all

Anonymous said...

Hiya all, co-dependent couple up here in Blackburn, lancs. Been nothing but bash for bout three weeks for most people. We managed to last till about a fortnight ago cos we had a good score. The same guy turns up some acceptable gear two nights ago and again today. But its gone now apparently. So I hope to fuck you optimists are right and things are on the up. Whatever has caused this is obviously huge and way bigger than the usual local heads and out of their control. So What 4500metric tons gear has gone where exactly? Absolutely fuckin baffled me btw.

Anonymous said...

Hey. Still nothing in East London right now. Dry as it gets. Will post for sure if anything changes.

Anonymous said...

this SMALL improvement is down to ede nothing else the gear is there but with the lack of it its goin from 1 down the chain and they each in turn have a nice lil stamp on it to get it to a price where the street level dealers wana pay would any of you pay 8K for a corner ?
thats the cheapest i have seen so then at that price its getin jumped on cos they cant do street deals anywhere near what it used to be
and with the price hike for the TT the price of good bash had trebled
so the greedy ones are checkin anything in it to get the price they want
no street dealer is gona wana make less than a 35% profit on what they sell
its hard work and now the 1 with the half decent or good gear is a target not only from the users but from the police
also i know in sheffield barnsley etc 14 ppl over the last 7 days have had a raid as the plod know they have got the paper work hanging around just incase its needed quick

Anonymous said...

hello boys and girl's its pete here in mansfield, notts, soz to post another 'its dry here and has been for weeks' read-up but it seems to be the same all over the country. tales abound of friends that travel 200 miles and still come back wiv shit. there are bits of acceptable stuff around but it's so hit and miss (scuse the pun), and ive wasted so much money on crap that i havent even tried for 3/4 days---but if your anything like me, even though you've bought shite with your money for days, you'll still try to buy again, because you just want to come across some decent tackle-even though your head says there aint any about................ i'm glad i'm on the meth until the drought improves. as a long term solution, i'm working on a draft letter to my mp re: getting diamorphine from my doctor.

Anonymous said...

what a complete load of f''' bs. watched some natgeo docu showing tonnes of the stuff and boasting they had 2yrs worth stashed to feed the worlds addicts.
i been on this 20yrs and this is THE worst its ever been for sure.
NOW this is the mad thing (we'll call him fats) in pompey we've just had some of the best gear in a very long time, real good stuff, lasted for over a week now its all gone and fats is now selling god only knows what it is! lol £50 mobile credit later and i'm still climbing the walls. peace

Anonymous said...

Just had a buzz about some new stuff in east LDN. Gonna pop out n test it. Will write a rating later!

Anonymous said...

Yo I'm in burnt oak, kingsbury, west hendon and surrounding areas been getting good 7/8 out of 10 0.3g=£20 so quite pricey but can only get 2/3 at a time let know if u hear anything and I'll do the same.

London2010 said...

Still nothin in East London. Things seem to have gone from bad to worse.. Even the weal 1% shit ran out a couple of days ago. Fake 0% shit still going around.

Leyland said...

Just got couple bagels & was actually not too bad! Thought it'd B same shite as had over past week but was pleasantly surprised. I'd say in normal times it'd B 4 out ov ten but under present circumstances it's worth lot higher & is easily best I've had since it all went pear shaped! Am Buzzin cos only had drop ov green left & would have struggled 2 get through work 2mor on that alone! Hope 2 God things pick up this week as havin 2 run around huntin @ mo & it's fuckin hard work - not to mention expensive!

Jodie said...

has anyone heard its coz the poppys got infected?? i have heard that twice this week. how is everyone tonight???
gledwood where are u from? what ur way like now?

hope everyones ok what a boring day!!!

Jodie said...

has anyone heard its coz the poppys got infected?? i have heard that twice this week. how is everyone tonight???
gledwood where are u from? what ur way like now?

hope everyones ok what a boring day!!!

Dan BLACKPOOL! said...

@Leyland, Oh god man I hope your right and it's gonna pick up around here! Did you have to do much travelling and hunting?
Did you get in Preston? I don't get there anymore myself but would be good to know it's getting closer.
Oh this drought has finally hit the news about the dangerous bash, read it in the Guardian.

Escobar said...

Alright people, only just found this blog, very interesting! Im Derby/Notts area and it is totally fuckin shit here at the min. Ive been getting off the same guy for 7 years constant (must be a rarity in itself) and he told me a drought was coming but you never really beleive it do you? so like a twat i didnt stock up when i had the chance cos he alwayys gets really really good stuff. He told me that a tonne had been seized bout 5 weeks ago that was ready to be distibuted in the uk, onto of that a load has been stopped coming out of turkey bout a month back, and like some peopel have already mentioned, those bastard russians have also took some that was meant for us. add those 3 things to the heathrow and felixstowe loads that got stopped recently and that is a fuck load of gear that we havent had that we was meant to! depressing aint it. I dont know how long the drought will last but there are things coming in, the problem is it vanishes straight away as too many people waiting. Ive smoked it for about 12 years now and never not been able to get decent stuff like now, its proper doing my head in. Anyone in the midlands leave some details and maybe we can help each other out through this bleak time! It better be back before xmas or im fuckin emigrating haha

Anonymous said...

Alright just scored in east LDN totally bashed maybe 2% max. Pointless waste of time.
New batch runs perfectly on foil but doesnt smell of anything.

Saw several guys who move on the commercial rd but all shifting the same stuff. Save your cash dont bother yet for sure.

Fingers crossed. Tomorrow is a new week.

Dan BLACKPOOL said...

It's not really to do with busts as more always gets through but still doesn't help.
It's actually to do with a fungus wrecking all the Afghans poppy crops, put that together with the other real problem of it all going to Russia and that's are problem. Now whether al qaeda are taking advantage of this at the mo demanding a bigger "tythe" off the farmers as it's true they are running low on ammo and equipment.
Then again WTF do I know I'm just a junkie from Blackpool who's travelling abroad consists of going to Liverpool to score LOL..

Lady Anon said...

Here is the Guardian drought link:


Anonymous said...

i wish
like those public toilet affairs i wish there was a lie down booth where i could lay my weary sick body down put the money in the slot reach for the mask choose my music and go out happy. i wish for the above after 2 grammes of cracking gear. i've just had enough of this shite.

Lady Anon said...

I wish I was in Russia right now! Lucky bastards!

Just found a big bottle of green in my room after scrabbling around trying to find old gear/filters/anything!

Suppose I'm lucky too as am not on a script, but it didn't FEEL very lucky!!

Guardian blames the poppy blight but I expect it is a combination of things like Escobar said...

SE Lond still dry as a bone, only shit, didn't leave my bed til 4pm today because methadone is so damn depressing!

Haven't tried to score since Friday, there's no point, I'll know when anyone here has something good!

Be careful everyone, don't hit shit!!App. paracetamol etc. found in some batches...see the guardian link in my other comment


Anonymous said...

US denies spraying Afghan poppies


Anonymous said...

24.03.2010 19:00

NATO Rejects Russian Call For Afghan Poppy Spraying


Ben Money said...

Hi Everyone just found out about this blog. All i can say is that i ve been a user for about 4years. I started on a subbey script 6 months back, it really helped me and still does. Im from Essex and its been the last week or so that things have been dry, luckily ive got someone who always has something very decent but its going quick he said he has two weeks supply left and after that who knows, Basically there is good gear about but its who you know, i really feel for people out there with nothing really fu_kin i do . just hang in there and keep your chin up.. Gear thats about everywhere now adays even when theres no drought isnt really gear but its doing the trick. You see a few years back when there was a drought people started making up this stuff that made you gouch,nod,and feel nice, really its barbs, manatol, and any other shi_t thats looks and runs like gear. will keep everyone posted with info from a someone i know who knows whats happening. everyone just be well thats the main thing i.e. subbeys, methadone,. Kind regards and Good luck. Ben

Anonymous said...

Still awake anyone? Gleds? Totlly depressed. Feel like a total mug, when I thought myself adequately intelegent. But I've just spent all my money on total 100% ,again, and I've been doing it for weeks now, jst in the hope of finding jst the tiniest bits. But.no success, and going out everyday still looking even though I KnoW there is NOTHING, and still smoking it, even tho I know It's 100% bash. That proof of my total stupidity . It's proof too of my inability to cope with sobriety! I need b to cope with life I think, however, alas I'm not ready to give up yet! This is not compliance. Dnt even think I have a habit any more, as I no script and have really suffered last week or so! Dnt know how long I have been kidding myself I've still a habit, when been spending all my money on bash for weeks. But I promised myself I ain't doing it no more, looking that is. Been addicted to this blog for last 10days or so. Log in a few times a day now to keep an eye on the COO. This has been my new poison, my new addiction, so thanks guys. I'm just gonna sit dwn and hold tight now, with my fingers firmly crossed. Haven't slept properly in days, hence still up at this hour. Thanx fled, peace out and good luck. Guys.
Diturbed, distressed, depressed, HANTS.
P.s opiates defo an anti psychotic, can confirm I'm a total nutter without it!!!! I must be to have been buying bash for so long.

Dee.. . said...

Well this is shit been using since 1981 & never been this bad ? usually get,Bars+ so only just run out (sum of us have £'ss & hate scoring + it's cheaper)..Not bragging (don't know any y'all)but yea would pay 8ka corner even though I get twice for less!! If It's good don't mind paying..
Read full blog + when I was last in Germany,Hanover It was unreal behind the train station was a double deck portacabin with medics&drug worker & all over the car park & in front was junkies selling gear in front of 5.0 Me & a Spar were smoking openly beside 2 cop cars & they couldn't care less..I've seen some weird shit in my time but...stayed 4 3weeks+ scored off a italian kid @£75aQoz & good gear only went 4 a weekend!!!
Also some of the main street banks had been turned into shooting gallerys Spoons instead of pens on chains..Been using a old 3year stash of opium to keep straight..Already looking to go to India in next couple of weeks if this don't get sorted..
Love Dee.. .
PS bout parinoid IP shit Use PAYG sims unreged + change every 6 weeks F**kAL** Ya...with love....xxx T-Mob £2.50 5Days net unltd??

Anonymous said...

Has anybody had yellow orange colour in works. I smoked one line and woke up 10 hours later, no memory. I had it for four days and i cant remember a thing ,I got robbed in my flat, lost money and fell down several times. Its like GHB. I got it near Swnasea but it was bought of an African guy in London. I used for 20 years but never experienced anything like this.Friends tell me i been like a zombie for four days. Toatal chaos I'm lucky to be alive and i aint jokeing avoid this stuff. Oh yeah and your pupils still look big but you dont feel cluck.

Dee.. . said...

I've checked out people I know from Brighton>Edinburgh Via Liverpool,Preston,Chester,Bradford,Bolton,London(My Town) Manchester Where's I'm surviving Even France.NOTHING IS AROUND !! Don't have no script(Need2 travel) & would rather pay than go on a register like a crime(NO offence to peeps on scrips) But prob pay more in taxes than them no idea W**K*** that been sayin it's a good thing No gears about !!! Will you think that when I send 5kids to HOT SPOTS AROUND THE WORLD TO PICK UP!! THEY WANT THE CA$H.....I Will Pay... They will go if they get caught the cash goes to there loved ones !!They don't know me !!! Yea that's a good thing...
I'd like to send you a pic but can't see how??

Anonymous said...


to jodie, u reeely are tooo cool finkin of the homeless! biggup to u. and yes its been sed that parta this problem is down to poppy blite. im sure if u google it (spelt propper of course) u will find ur information.

well its 7.30 an im off to work - ive jus took my green - hadda shite weekend stone cold sober! roll on the break of the drowt.

happy monday users
doopsy x

Anonymous said...

@ escobar

im in dudley, west mids. my emails on my last post, hit me up as sooner or later someones gonna start soliciting

Anonymous said...

btw the guy who mentioned comprising a letter to our MP's re; diamorphine scriptr probably has the right idea. appreciate most of us dont feel in the mood to do this at the mo but if we advise them of the benefits compared to meth scripts

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